Web Development

Imasco Minerals Inc. www.imascominerals.com

With four different business units and a multitude of product lines, our business is complex. Honeycomb Creative did a wonderful job of clearly representing our business areas and organizing the variety of information (MSDS, technical bulletins, brochures, warranties, design specifications, training videos, etc.) associated with each of the products and systems on our new website. They really took the time to go through each and every piece of information and placed it where it made sense and where our customers could easily find it. When they said they would take the time to understand our business, they really meant it. I would recommend Honeycomb Creative to anyone wanting a custom website that will really work for his or her business.

–James Lancaster, Sales & Marketing

Website Development Solution: United four very different business units under the IMASCO banner and organized content to create one- to two-click access to products and associated product information previously buried deep within IMASCO’s old website.

Standard Website Features:

Sitemanager (CMS)
News & Events Section
FAQs Section
Contact Us Form
Google Location Map

Custom Website Features:

Online Products Catalogue
Resource Library
Project Photo Gallery
Searchable Dealers List
Searchable Contractors List

Website Design and Development Budget: $10,000-$15,000

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