Honeycomb Creative Announcements

Hooked On Miracles Tournament Sponsorship Banners Ready for Fundraising Event

June 2014

Two new large sponsorship banners, one 3′ x 6′ and one 4′x 20′, are ready for display at the annual Hooked On Miracles Tournament being held June 19-23 at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino, BC. The event promises “three days of fun, fishing and fundraising” in support of BC Children’s Hospital. Visit to learn more about the event.

Website Update for TTM Finishes Inc. Wraps Up

June 2014

We recently helped TTM Finishes Inc. transform their website into a more SEO and user-friendly site. We implemented a fresh new design, new keyword-rich content and an enhanced photo gallery in order to make the site more appealing to both search engines and people. We also created a new residential section packed with information for homeowners interested in concrete floor finishing for their basement, loft or condo. Visit, to see our work and to learn more about the concrete floor finishing and painting services offered by TTM Finishes Inc.

2013 Copper Mountain Corp. Annual Report Ready for Shareholders

June 2014

Working from layouts supplied by the client, Honeycomb Creative quickly completed design, production and print work for the 2013 Copper Mountain Annual Report. The finished annual report will be in the hands of shareholders very soon.

New Direct Mail Piece for Stinson Aerial Services Inc.

June 2014

We created new direct mail pieces for Stinson Aerial Services. The new brochures promote Stinson Aerial’s  heli-logging estimating, budgeting and planning services for the oil and gas, energy, and forestry industries. Visit to learn more about its heli-logging services.

Pink Popcorn Flourishes at Briggs Nursery

May 2014

Pink Popcorn is the name given to a new variety of pink blueberry plants coming to Briggs Nursery. These blueberry plants produce sweet cream and pink berries and are exclusive to Briggs Nursery. To help Briggs Nursery introduce the new variety to buyers, Honeycomb Creative designed plant introduction sheets featuring the unique blueberries.

Web + Print Projects Volume 10 Released

April 2014

Web + Print Projects Volume 10 features our latest design and development work for Briggs Nursery, Coast Cranberries, Mountain Technologies, Metis Artist Lisa Shepherd and much more. Download our latest web and print brochure or watch for it coming in the mail soon to see our latest work.

Chipeze Ready for Home Show Debut

April 2014

Chipeze™ Disposable BBQ Smokers will be debuting at the Ridge Meadows Home Show from May 2-4. Stop by the Chipeze™ booth to pick up an Apple Wood, Cherry Wood or Mesquite BBQ smoker pack and admire the booth banner and product cards made by us. Or learn more about Chipeze™ at, the online product page we developed.

TTM Finishes Website Re-design Underway

April 2014

As part of a website re-design for TTM Finishes Inc., we are busy updating SEO content and developing a new project photo gallery for the Greater Toronto Area epoxy and coatings contractor. Watch for the new website very soon.

Honeycomb Creative Welcomes BC Healthy Living Alliance as Newest Client

March 2014

Honeycomb Creative welcomes BC Healthy Living Alliance (BCHLA) as its newest web development client. BCHLA is a group of organizations that have come together to promote physical activity, healthy eating and living smoke-free to British Columbians. As an advocacy group, BCHLA works with government and holds it accountable to promoting wellness and preventing chronic disease. Learn more about BCHLA.

Datrend Systems Inc. Website is in the Works

March 2014

Honeycomb Creative has begun work on a new website for Datrend Systems Inc., a Canadian-based biomedical engineering company focused on developing and manufacturing leading edge biomedical instruments and devices for hospitals, clinics and medical equipment manufacturers. Watch for the new website scheduled to be launched in early June.

New Website for Pro-Con Electrical Testing Ltd.

March 2014

We’ve launched a new website for Pro-Con Electrical Testing Ltd., a high voltage service company located in Richmond, BC. The new website gives Pro-Con Electrical Testing the online presence it never had before. Visit Website

New Website to Document Creation of a Low-energy High-Performance Home

March 2014

Sean Wiens, principal at SENWiEco designs, is offering his under construction single-family dwelling to the building science and engineering community for the purposes of studying high performance building assemblies. Honeycomb Creative is developing a website to document and share detailed drawings, material testing results and other information important to the high performance building community.

Raven Hydronic Supply Ltd. New Website Launched

February 2014

View our latest website development work for Raven Hyrdonic Supply Ltd., a highly specialized company focused on the distribution of quality commercial hydronic heating and domestic water equipment, at The new website features separate hydronic, venting and heating product sections and a We Support section highlighting Raven Hydronic’s fundraising efforts for Room to Read, a global organization promoting literacy in developing countries, as well as for other local community organizations.

New Website for Dendoff Springs Ltd. in the Works

February 2014

Honeycomb Creative is developing a website for Dendoff Springs Ltd., our newest client. The website will feature the many types of springs, suspension springs and components the company carries, as well as its custom manufacturing services. Dendoff Springs has been manufacturing coil and leaf springs since 1906.

New Website for Briggs Nursery

January 2014

We launched a new website for Briggs Nursery, an international leader in micro-propagation. Briggs Nursery propagates and grows a wide variety of specialty plants each year from its micropropagation laboratory and greenhouse in Elma, Washington. The new website features some of the over 1,000 specialty plants Briggs produces and provides quick access to current plant availability lists, wholesale contact information and shipping terms and conditions. Visit Briggs Nursery to see the new plants available at for 2014.

We Are Back and Working Hard

January 2014

The holiday break was great, but we’re happy to be back at our desks busy working on client websites, trade show displays and branding projects. Contact us early to book your next project and you’ll have it in time for trade show season, your next sales trip or the marketing campaign launch.

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