AIMS Canada The Association of Internet Marketing and Sales Inc. (AIMS) was formed in 1996. Today AIMS is Canada’s largest Internet association, representing over 5,000 members from a broad range of roles and industries and with varying levels of online experience.

Backup Service

Mozy We use for off-site backing up of files. The ‘free’ version is likely enough storage for a home PC. We use pay services to backup our server and other production machines. It seems to be very reliable, it’s reasonably inexpensive. We like it.

Domain Name Registration For .ca (Canada) registrations we we use NamesPro. Their control panel is easy, their customer service is great and they are one of the cheapest for .ca registrations. For .com (commercial) we tend to use another company due to cost considerations. If you only have one (or a few domains) to manage we would recommend using NamePro for all your registrations.

Feel Good About Yourself

Credit Card Comparison Tool Get the best credit card for you. This is a great tool. Help feed the world and get smarter at the same time.

File Sharing Great for sharing/distributing large files. We use it.


The Hour – with George Strobo….. Insightful, interesting and usually fun to watch news show from the CBC.

Rick Mercer If you think Canada or Canadian politics is funny, then you’ll get a chuckle from Rick Mercer. He’s on the CBC – he must be funny.

Reference When you don’t know it all.

Browser Stat’s Want to know which browser has the most users? Which monitor size is used most?

Stock Photos One of the biggest stock agencies around. A bit expensive, and its hard to narrow down your search. Too big.

Web Tools

What’s my Ip address? To trouble shoot problems, sometimes you need to know you ip address – this site makes it easy.