Client visiting today!

March 2015

Benchmark painting is coming over, time to get the coffee on


Responsive Design

January 2015

We completed a responsive design website for

Responsive web design programming is website design that adjusts to fit on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers.

Responsive websites are designed with additional templates for vertical layouts (smartphones and tablets) and content is ‘adjusted’ and/or ‘hidden’ to fit smaller screen sizes. If you’re thinking of updating your website, responsive design programming is definitely something that you need to consider.


Are you getting a lot of spam?

January 2015

The spam filtering that is included with our hosting is good, but not a match for the quantity and complexity of spam being sent every day. For us, cleaning up email was taking too much time and we needed to find a better approach.

We have personally been using/testing a much more robust spam filter service for over a year, and have managed to cut down on our spam very dramatically.

Here are our results for the last quarter of 2014.
Total emails sent to us: 25,299


What typically gets marked as a ‘False Positive’ or spam is subscriptions to Old Navy, Amazon, etc – actual retail subscriptions – but very rarely does legitimate email get marked as spam.

We also have the ability to ‘white list’ domains that you do a lot of business with to ensure that all their emails get through.

Let me know if you’re interested in adding this extra layer of spam filtering to your


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