Every client wants to be able to edit their website content. This is easily done using a database driven content management system (CMS). Over the years, we have tested and used various applications, learning what makes a reliable and easy-to-use content management system.

We now use PHP and mySql, standard programming tools, to develop our own proprietary content management system, Sitemanger.  With Sitemanager,  we can build complex websites that are relatively simple to manage. We incorporate Sitemanager into the majority of websites we build.

Sitemanager websites are built to standards at the time of development and generally require minimal ongoing maintenance. But standards evolve and change, and Sitemanager should be monitored and updated to keep your website at its optimal performance and security level.

WordPress aka Web Publisher

For less complex websites, we have begun using WordPress, an open-source CMS platform. WordPress has a reputation among designers and programmers as being “easy to use” and “easy to update”.

Our installation of WordPress includes numerous customized security settings and client “friendly” personalizations. The benefits of WordPress are that it allows us to build websites faster, and therefore at a lower cost; the downside is that it requires continual care and maintenance, including security updates to both its core source code and plug-ins. However, these updates are easy to do and only occasionally cause an unexpected error.

As much as we would like to build a website that will never require programming updates, it’s just not possible. For security purposes, every website requires ongoing care and support. Our challenge, then, is to provide you with Technical and Security Updates at a reasonable cost.