The advantages of a Decoupled CMS

What is a decoupled CMS? A decoupled CMS is a website that using a traditional content management system (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) for content entry but the public viewable part of the website is a static html website generated. Basically, the backend and the front end of the website are separate so your website…


New Website for Briggs Nursery

We launched a new website for Briggs Nursery, an international leader in micro-propagation. Briggs Nursery propagates and grows a wide variety of specialty plants each year from its micropropagation laboratory and greenhouse in Elma, Washington. The new website features some of the over 1,000 specialty plants Briggs produces and provides quick access to current plant…


Custom Location Maps

We have created a number of custom Google map integrations for clients. From dealer maps (Imasco Minerals, Woodworks Furniture, Hotzon Furniture) to customer locations (Payless Truck Parts, Kettle River Timber), we are very experienced in bring location data to life.


Gatsby.js: Moving Beyond WordPress

We love WordPress. We hate WordPress. WordPress is useful. How can we use WordPress less? Those are all common discussions in our office. To ensure that we are providing the best web development solutions to our clients, we are constantly questioning our toolset. At this writing (October 2019) WordPress is the most used content management…


Website Hosting Infrastructure

There is no secret to our super-fast, secure website hosting. Here are the tools that we use: DNS: Cloudflare – Domain name queries are processed within milliseconds, and a robust global Anycast network ensures DNS availability. Hard drives: All our webservers use SSD drives for blazing-fast delivery. We use multiple hosting providers including DigitalOcean and…


Dendoff’s Website Springs into Action

Located in Surrey, BC, Dendoff Springs manufactures a wide range of hot and cold wound springs and wire forms with exacting precision. For companies that manufacture products, listing as much information about the product offerings is important for searchability. Clients have to find you. Once that client is there, you need to make sure they…


A Clean Solution for Octaform

Octaform provides a novel alternative to conventional wall construction. Designed in Canada, their innovative product is a stay-in-place concrete wall forming system that reduces energy consumption and extends the life of high-performance concrete structures. The client supplied brand guidelines for the design style (clean, modern) and we came up with the website design. The site…


QRS adds Rental & Leasing Services to their Website

Rentals and Leasing has always been a service provided by QRS but adding each of these hard-to-find products to their website as individual items means customers can find them on internet searches. Anytime night or day customers can book out rental items off QRS Solution’s website. Selling or renting niche items is one of the…


Bringing Your Inventory to Your Website

Our custom programming services allows us to bring your offline inventory to your website. For security reasons, we don’t believe that it’s wise to show your inventory ‘live’ on your website. We can create manual or automated imports from almost any inventory system. We have created custom product catalogs for Payless Truck Parts, 99 Truck…


Olympic International’s New Website is a Breath of Fresh Air.

Olympic International is the largest provider of HVAC equipment solutions serving British Columbia and the Yukon. The Company is committed to bringing the world’s leading sustainable technologies to the HVAC equipment supply and service industry. This Website uses dynamic angles, bold colors, and abstract illustrations to denote the energy of this company. This site pushes…

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