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  • CLR_logo_sm

    Construction Labour Relations Association of BC

    Allen, Conor, and the other busy worker bees at Honeycomb have created a great new website for CLR. From the initial meeting to the final tweaking, Allen and his team provided valuable input and technical know-how to make sure our site functioned as we wanted. The new site was designed and launched over a short period of time. The result is a clean, modern, and responsive site that we are able to update quickly and easily as needed. Our thanks for a job very well done!

    –Wendy Mazur, Office Manager

  • honeycomb-creative-telephone-update


    All of the website came together after about a ten minute conversation with Allen. It had all of the features I had hoped for but not expressed. I credit that to the team knowing me and being able to anticipate my needs.

    –Sean Wiens, Editor

  • dendoff_logo testimonial

    Dendoff Springs Ltd.

    Engaging Honeycomb Creative to develop and design the new Dendoff Springs website was an exciting and informative experience. The overall design of the site was clear and well laid out, providing a fresh, new look for the company and our range of somewhat drab industrial products. The graphics are visually appealing, uncluttered, & pertinent to our industry and products, providing some interesting and whimsical elements. The overall writing is concise and to the point, allowing for a relatively easy interpretation of technical jargon. In the process of providing information and making the necessary amendments, we found the response time from Honeycomb’s staff to be immediate. There was no lag time in reply to our questions and requests. Of particular importance, was the careful attention given to our prime concerns; ease of navigation, clear and consistence contact information throughout the site, and relevant graphics. In addition the entire process was completed on time and within budget!
    —Mary-Anne Morris, Managing Director

  • ttmfinishesinc_logo

    TTM Finishes Inc.

    It could be that other designers don’t understand me, or my business, or, simply, that they don’t go the extra mile like Honeycomb Creative does. Because with everything they’ve produced for me–magazine ads, logos and a website –the end results always generate compliments from my clients. Really, what more could I ask for?
    —Marco Chiesa, Owner

  • Allwest Electric

    Allwest Electric Ltd.

    I would like to say thank you to Allen Haslinger and his team at Honeycomb Creative for developing the new Allwest Electric Ltd. website. You all did an amazing job. It was a great experience working with Honeycomb Creative, and I am extremely happy with the end result. Thanks again–I hope I didn’t drive everyone crazy with my constant questions and requests.
    —Anthony Dallazanna, President

  • Food For Famine

    Food for Famine Society

    We’re extremely thrilled with the website Honeycomb created for us. The entire web development process was quick and efficient and handled by true professionals who had our website up and running in record time. We look forward to working with Honeycomb Creative’s project manager, designers and writer again.
    —Michael Zizek, Technical Director

  • sasco_logo2

    Sasco Contractors Ltd.

    Through out our entire web development project, Honeycomb Creative was always there to make recommendations, answer my questions and quickly take care of requests. They were very proactive and kept the project moving along. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a website development company that really puts its clients’ needs first.
    —Craig Paquin, General Manager

  • mom2mom_just_graphic

    Mom to Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society

    Thank you so much Honeycomb Creative for everything you did to get this website designed and up and running!! You were so easy to work with. You prompted us when necessary to elicit ideas and information and were very patient addressing our many tweaks as we went along. You guys are very creative and managed to design the site with exactly the look and feel we wanted.
    —Dana Merritt, Treasurer

  • Clogs_logo_tes

    Clogs for Comfort

    Thank you so much for taking care of the site in such a timely manner. I am also very impressed with how it looks, and I am hard to please.
    —Jane Klemke, Owner

  • fvtp_logo

    Fraser Valley Truck Parts

    I’m very glad that I chose Honeycomb Creative to develop our website and tradeshow material. Allen developed a plan and kept each project on track so that we never felt overwhelmed. His regular updates and quick responses to our questions and concerns kept the process moving forward smoothly and ensured we looked professional both online and in print.
    —Rita MacKenzie, Marketing Manager

  • fraser_valley_fire_protection

    Fraser Valley Fire Protection Inc.

    I am very happy with the final product. We have received several comments on how professional the new website looks from multiple sources. The design and look really push us toward the top choice for fire protection services in the Lower Mainland. I would definitely recommend Honeycomb Creative to other businesses needing a website design firm that also brings marketing skills to the table. I will definitely be using Honeycomb Creative again in the future.
    —Reuben Loland, Vice President

  • REBL Refactories

    REBL-Refractories Evaluations Laboratory Ltd.

    Our new website is very professional and is generating a lot of positive feedback from everyone that sees it. But what impressed me most was how Honeycomb Creative’s writer did such a great job of dealing with a technical topic at a level that other engineers within our field can appreciate. Thanks to Allen’s gentle prodding and patience, every aspect of the website goes well beyond what I had hoped for.
    —Mary Windfeld, P.Eng

  • imasco_logo_testimonial

    IMASCO Minerals Inc.

    With four different business units and a multitude of product lines, our business is complex. Honeycomb Creative did a wonderful job of clearly representing our business areas and organizing the variety of information (MSDS, technical bulletins, brochures, warranties, design specifications, training videos, etc.) associated with each of the products and systems on our new website. They went through each and every piece of information and placed it where it mattered.
    —James Lancaster, Sales & Marketing

  • benchmark1

    Benchmark Painting

    After my first meeting with Honeycomb Creative, I knew that they understood my business and that they could build a website that would work best for my company. I trusted in their web development advice throughout the project, and I am very happy I did. The new website is professional, easy to navigate and leaves our customers with the same high-level of confidence in our abilities as I have in Honeycomb Creative’s.
    —Brent Klemke, Owner

  • double_v_logo

    Double V Construction Ltd.

    I’m impressed. Our new website gives us so much more functionality than we ever had before. We can easily publish new or completed project announcements, upload and share project tender information and even update our completed projects list in-house. By managing our website content in-house, we will be able to ensure our website remains relevant to our clients, prospective clients and sub-contractors for a long time.
    —Shane Van Vliet, President

  • StandardBuildingSupplies

    Standard Building Supplies Ltd.

    When our customers step into any one of our locations, we give them the very best in customer service. So we expected and we were happy to receive the same from Honeycomb Creative. We asked them to develop a website with a great deal of functionality, including a product catalogue, and to handle the site’s implementation. They did everything we asked for and presented it in a very attractive and professional package. Now, it’s simple for us to update and promote products and services online.
    —Jesse Kneblik, IT Manager

  • SK-sanitary_80x80

    SK Sanitary Specialties Mfg. Ltd.

    From beginning to end, Honeycomb Creative managed all the details of our projects. The design and development of our business card, sales brochure, presentation folder and website barely interfered with my day-to-day business demands, and yet I was given ample opportunities to provide feedback and approval. Each version of every project was posted online, so I could easily track the latest developments. I am very happy with the entire experience and the finished products.
    —Kim Kaprinka, Owner

  • AF-Logo

    A&F Printing Ltd.

    At first I was skeptical about how a website could help improve my business, but now I know. Client response has been overwhelmingly positive. They love how easy the site is to use, the eye-catching design and the integrated functionality that makes it simple and fast to upload large files. I appreciate the backend site manager, which lets me easily update website content. But overall, I appreciate Allen’s guidance and project management skills. He helped us get the most value from our site.
    —Cam Dunnett, PrePress Manager

  • total_control_logo

    Total Control Systems Inc.

    Working with Honeycomb Creative was the most stress-free working relationship I have experienced. They took care of everything from developing product descriptions to web hosting and right through to search engine submission. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to work with people who really care about the quality of their work and their clients.
    —Jan Skrzypczak, Owner

  • CROWN_80x80

    Crown Architectural Sheet Metal & Cladding Division Ltd.

    I’ve never had to do so little to get so much. Honeycomb Creative took care of everything when it came to creating a new website for our sheet metal and wall cladding company. They developed the content, retouched our project images, recreated product drawings, developed electronic forms and everything else necessary to make our website an effective sales and marketing tool.
    —Shane Murphy, Partner

  • SoftrendLogo2

    Softrend Systems Inc.

    I’m impressed. Despite a very tight project deadline, Honeycomb Creative was always very accommodating. Last minute changes were never a problem, and the end result was beyond my expectations. They truly are professionals who have the experience and the talent to pull off any marketing project.
    —Sandy Milne, Marketing Vice President

  • builder_bob

    Builder Bob

    My new corporate identity captures exactly who I am. It’s friendly, creative, confident and unique. It’s the perfect mix to help my business stand out.
    —Bob Evans, Owner

  • sidhu_logo

    Sidhu & Sons Nursery Ltd.

    We have always found everyone at Honeycomb very helpful–they understand the needs of their clients well and work hard to ensure client satisfaction. The quality of their work is state of the art yet user friendly. A pleasure to work with!
    —Jas Ghuman, Marketing Director

  • femo_logo

    Femo Construction Ltd.

    We know how to build, not how to market our business in a slow economy. Thankfully, Honeycomb Creative gave us the insight we needed. They worked with us to develop sales letters and a presentation package that are the foundations of our new marketing program.
    —Melissa Dalla Zanna, Office Manager

  • dynacore_logo

    Dynacore Equipment Ltd.

    Managing suppliers can take up a lot of time and energy. Honeycomb Creative gives me a single point of contact for my marketing projects, brings together all the resources and manages them through till project end. With Honeycomb Creative, I know that my marketing projects are getting done.
    —Janie Chang, Marketing Manager

  • taiga_building_products

    Taiga Building Products Ltd.

    Just got the Annual Reports. They look Great! Thanks to you and your team on all the hard work Honeycomb put into making sure we got the annual report done in a timely manner!
    —Amy Parmar, Executive Assistant

  • copper_mountain_mining

    Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

    We had a fast-approaching deadline, content on the ready, and Honeycomb Creative working with us. We knew then that there would be no problem getting our annual report done. Honeycomb Creative always comes through with the creative ideas and know-how that pushes a project on to completion and beyond the ordinary.
    —Rod Shier, CFO & Director

  • PARALLEL_80x80

    Parallel Group Operations Inc.

    Honeycomb understood what we were looking for and responded to our needs. They brought lots of ideas and options to the table for us to consider.
    —Malcom Cairns, Partner

  • CAC_80x80

    Canadian Air-Crane Ltd.

    The success of our advertising comes down to creativity. Working with Honeycomb Creative, we benefit from their never-ending supply of creativity. We give them a general idea of what we need and they come back with something that is so much more. That’s why people tell me our ads are the best in business.
    —John Smith, Marketing Manager

  • senwi_logo

    Senwi Services Inc.

    Through a series of interviews, Honeycomb Creative’s team came up with these wonderful ideas that began with the phrase “What if we did this…?” And through this process, they not only created a corporate website but also developed and polished my company’s image.
    —Sean Wiens, Owner

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