B2B: 5 Ways to Make Inbound Marketing Worth Your Time

When we say “inbound marketing”, we’re talking about creating content that brings people to you – the ‘if you build it they will come’ approach.

But creating great, original content is a lot more time consuming than posting some online ads and calling it a day.

So how do you make inbound marketing efficient enough to be worth your time?

1. Quality over quantity

Don’t waste time posting tonnes of content at the expense of quality, because low quality content doesn’t lead to sales.

Make sure your content is worth reading, worth sharing, better than the rest, and only post as often as you can keep the quality high.

2. Track your ROI

Pay attention to how much time you put into creating and promoting content (your investment), and compare it to your traffic, shares and especially leads and sales (your return).

Keep tweaking your content and time until you have an ROI you’re happy with.

3. Don’t re-invent the wheel

Get inspiration from other content to post a quick summary, share your take on the issue, and highlight the best of what’s out there.

You don’t always have invent a new idea to be original, just make the content personalized to your brand, or easier to digest, or put it in the context of your industry, and your readers will appreciate it.

Read this for some great advice: How to (ethically) steal other people’s content.

4. Source content and ideas you already read

You don’t have to spend hours online looking for content to curate or inspire your content, simply use the resources you already read.

Newspaper articles, magazines, books, podcasts or any other medium you follow is a great starting point for your inbound marketing content, which your readers may not have read before.

5. Consider hiring out

If content creation isn’t your forte, hiring out the task to a reliable source could be the most efficient solution. You can hire a freelancer or a website marketing company, but they need to have a really good understanding of your business – your goals, your audience and your brand’s voice.

At Honeycomb Creative, we have a deep understanding of our clients, so we’re able to create excellent content for their inbound marketing strategies.

6. Promote on auto

Put your content out into cyberspace so people find it, and come to you to read it.

1. Create a promotional image or at least an interesting photo to go with each content piece.

2. Use social media scheduling tools to share your content again and again over time, not just the first time you publish it.

3. Include relevant hashtags and keywords, and tag other companies or profiles mentioned or targeted.


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