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The Right B2B Content Marketing Strategy

November 2015

When it comes to content marketing, it’s hard to know if you should be focusing on brand awareness or sales. Written content or video? What works best?

A recent survey of 217 B2B manufacturing marketers in North America found that brand awareness was the number one goal in their content marketing, and sales was the second place goal.

The survey also found that video was the most used tool for content marketing and YouTube was seen as the most effective social media platform.

Surprisingly though, LinkedIn was used more often than YouTube, and video was used more than in-person events even though events were seen as more effective.

The moral of the story here is to know what works for your company – study your competition and monitor your own marketing – and then form a strategy to to embrace it.


What’s the most effective marketing for B2B?

November 2015

With all of todays digital marketing tools – email, social media, online ads – you’d think they’d be taking over the reins for generating revenue. But maybe surprisingly, it’s the non-digital marketing methods that grab the majority of revenue.

According to a recent report by B2B Marketing and The Telemarketing Company, a survey of 150 marketers found the 76 percent of revenue was generated by face-to-face meetings or telephone, while only 18 percent came via digital sources.

That doesn’t mean that digital marketing doesn’t play a big role though. Online marketing can be the first point of contact for potential clients, where a relationship begins, and is then followed by more personal marketing that closes the deal.

We believe digital marketing, like websites, are vital for reaching potential clients and convincing them to use their limited time to take the next step, whether that’s a phone call or a meeting.


B2B: 5 Ways to Make Inbound Marketing Worth Your Time

November 2015

When we say “inbound marketing”, we’re talking about creating content that brings people to you – the ‘if you build it they will come’ approach.

But creating great, original content is a lot more time consuming than posting some online ads and calling it a day.

So how do you make inbound marketing efficient enough to be worth your time?

1. Quality over quantity

Don’t waste time posting tonnes of content at the expense of quality, because low quality content doesn’t lead to sales.

Make sure your content is worth reading, worth sharing, better than the rest, and only post as often as you can keep the quality high.

2. Track your ROI

Pay attention to how much time you put into creating and promoting content (your investment), and compare it to your traffic, shares and especially leads and sales (your return).

Keep tweaking your content and time until you have an ROI you’re happy with.

3. Don’t re-invent the wheel

Get inspiration from other content to post a quick summary, share your take on the issue, and highlight the best of what’s out there.

You don’t always have invent a new idea to be original, just make the content personalized to your brand, or easier to digest, or put it in the context of your industry, and your readers will appreciate it.

Read this for some great advice: How to (ethically) steal other people’s content.

4. Source content and ideas you already read

You don’t have to spend hours online looking for content to curate or inspire your content, simply use the resources you already read.

Newspaper articles, magazines, books, podcasts or any other medium you follow is a great starting point for your inbound marketing content, which your readers may not have read before.

5. Consider hiring out

If content creation isn’t your forte, hiring out the task to a reliable source could be the most efficient solution. You can hire a freelancer or a website marketing company, but they need to have a really good understanding of your business – your goals, your audience and your brand’s voice.

At Honeycomb Creative, we have a deep understanding of our clients, so we’re able to create excellent content for their inbound marketing strategies.

6. Promote on auto

Put your content out into cyberspace so people find it, and come to you to read it.

1. Create a promotional image or at least an interesting photo to go with each content piece.

2. Use social media scheduling tools to share your content again and again over time, not just the first time you publish it.

3. Include relevant hashtags and keywords, and tag other companies or profiles mentioned or targeted.


Thinking about trying sponsored social media posts? 5 Tips to do it right

November 2015

1. Narrow your message
Don’t try to reach the most people with a broad message, create a very specific message that will speak to the right people.

2. Target the right people for your message
Create an audience profile that would find your message relevant, and use it to narrow your social media ad’s reach to the right people.

3. Emphasize the benefit
The focus of the post should be how it will help your reader; make it about them not about your company.

4. Keep it short
A long post won’t be read, so keep it short and snappy so the viewer will actually read it, and then want to click to find out more.

5. Start at the beginning of the sales funnel
Don’t go straight for the sale just because it’s an ad, use it to put your company on your target audience’s radar, and start a relationship that will lead to a sale down the road.


Do you know what kind of content performs best on social media?

October 2015

Shareable content is what makes it perform on social media. You can publish content for your audience to view, but if they don’t share it, it won’t reach any further. Focus on content that gets shared.

According to this article New Data: What Types of Content Perform Best on Social Media, great content in these formats get the most shares:

1. Lists

2. Why-posts – posts that make a strong argument that support a specific conclusion

3. Videos

4. How-to posts – steps for solving a problem or achieving something

5. What-posts – information on a specific topic

Try a few of these formats for your next content piece and see which style your audience responds to the most on social media.


How to get the best performance out of your company’s social media posts

October 2015

There are two major factors when it comes to how well received your social media posts will be:

1. Timing

Timing is everything, from the time of day to the season, and it will play a big role in how many views, clicks and shares your social media posts receive.

2. Relevancy

Relevancy isn’t how relevant the content is to your company, it’s about how relevant the content is to your audience.

But how do you find the perfect combination of timing and relevancy?

1. Know your audience. Know their interests, their online activity timing, and their seasonal or monthly concerns.

2. Analyze how your audience has reacted to your social media in the past. Spy on other similar social media accounts and blogs to see what your target audience is doing there.

3. Write down the patterns and start building your social media strategy. Then keep analyzing and refining for the best performance.


Is Anti-Spam Law Bad for Business?

October 2015

Has the new anti-spam law affected your email marketing? With the latest legislation (CRTC’s bill C-28) in full force this July, companies need express consent from recipients of their email marketing.

While this law is helping to reduce spam in everyone’s inbox, it’s also handcuffing companies from sending non-spam emails simply because their recipients don’t take the time, or understand the need, to provide their express consent.

According to this article, Anti-Spam Law Killing Our Marketing Strategies, Businesses Complain, many companies say the bill spoiled their marketing strategies and restricts their ability to compete with U.S. Businesses.

Going forward, the best approach is to get express consent from new emails from the get go, with proof of that consent, and to focus on rebuilding your marketing email list with consenting emails.


Google Simplified Its Privacy Settings

October 2015

Google updated its privacy settings in an effort make them simpler for users to read and change – Google Introduces Simpler Privacy Settings. Google has more than a billion users of its digital services, so how they handle the personal information of those users is a pretty big deal.

All of the key privacy controls are now located under “My Account” instead of being strewn across different areas of Google’s website.

Google is trying to provide more context for the privacy settings – they’ve created a “check-up” feature for users to understand what information is being gathered across Google’s various services.

People can adjust their privacy controls to limit the types of ads they see from Google’s ad network. And they can stop Google from tracking their activities on their personal computers, phones and tablets. The downside to this is, according to Google, search results could be slower and less relevant.

Does any of this change the way you feel about Google and your online privacy?

how much is your time worth to facebook

How much is your time worth to Facebook? A Penny An Hour

June 2015

You don’t have to pay to use Facebook, but in a way you do pay for it with your privacy, or rather, lack of privacy. And what is your personal information and time worth to Facebook? A whopping one cent per hour spent on Facebook.

According to this NY Times article, Mark Zuckerberg, Let Me Pay For Facebook, Facebook earns an average of 20 cents per user per month, and the average user is on Facebook for 20 hours per month.

This pathetic value of your privacy to Facebook raises the question, would you rather pay outright to use Facebook in order to preserve your privacy?

It seems many would. The payoff would be no more ads, an unfiltered News Feed, and personal information that is only shared with whom you choose, not the highest bidder.

An interesting point in the anti-advertising debate is that advertising costs (for Facebook ads) are rolled into the advertised products and services costs, therefore making them more expensive. Thus you don’t pay for Facebook directly, but you do pay for it in the end.

What is your privacy worth to you? If you had the choice, would you pay $0.20 a month to be a private Facebook customer?

Client visiting today!

March 2015

Benchmark painting is coming over, time to get the coffee on


Fraser Valley Truck Parts Ltd.

February 2015

Created a new website, along with other marketing material, to promote FVTP’s used and refurbished heavy-duty truck parts and its new aluminum rim polishing service.


Update Our Telephone Number To

January 2015

Due to poor sound quality, we are retiring our VOIP telephone numbers (604-904-6622, 604-495-2100). Please update our telephone number to our mainline number at 604-466-0558 and for clients outside of Metro Vancouver, our toll-free number is 1-877-904-6622.


Safety Reading / Documentation Intranet

January 2015

This intranet handles all of Canadian Air-Crane’s safety documentation and auditing of updates and tracking of required staff reading.

We’ve done a few intranets/extranets and every one is different. If you need a better way of managing employees or suppliers – don’t be afraid to consider a custom solution.


Responsive Design

January 2015

We completed a responsive design website for bchealthyliving.ca.

Responsive web design programming is website design that adjusts to fit on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers.

Responsive websites are designed with additional templates for vertical layouts (smartphones and tablets) and content is ‘adjusted’ and/or ‘hidden’ to fit smaller screen sizes. If you’re thinking of updating your website, responsive design programming is definitely something that you need to consider.


Web + Print Projects Volume 11 Released

January 2015

Web + Print Projects Volume 11 features our latest design and development work for Pro-Con Electrical Testing, Raven Hyronic Supply, Dendoff Springs, and BC Healthy Living Alliance. Download our latest web and print brochure or watch for it coming in the mail soon.


Someone is trying to hack into your website – right now!

January 2015

It’s really a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ your website will get hacked. Every website is under attack, every day.

If your website is running WordPress and you have not authorized us to install Wordfence on your website, I ask you to reconsider. We already do a lot to keep hackers out but another tool would be useful.

The $60.00/year fee includes installation, setup and continual updates. Don’t regret not installing Wordfence, email Allen now.


Marsala – Colour of the the Year 2015

January 2015

They say it is “a naturally robust and earthy wine red” but it kind of looks washed out. Check it out at Pantone.


Are you getting a lot of spam?

January 2015

The spam filtering that is included with our hosting is good, but not a match for the quantity and complexity of spam being sent every day. For us, cleaning up email was taking too much time and we needed to find a better approach.

We have personally been using/testing a much more robust spam filter service for over a year, and have managed to cut down on our spam very dramatically.

Here are our results for the last quarter of 2014.
Total emails sent to us: 25,299


What typically gets marked as a ‘False Positive’ or spam is subscriptions to Old Navy, Amazon, etc – actual retail subscriptions – but very rarely does legitimate email get marked as spam.

We also have the ability to ‘white list’ domains that you do a lot of business with to ensure that all their emails get through.

Let me know if you’re interested in adding this extra layer of spam filtering to your email.il.



Free Coffee for Quick Payment

January 2015

Pay your invoices (online or mail a cheque) within 48 hours of receiving your invoice and get a Starbucks gift card. If you don’t like Starbucks, we do offer substitutions to Tim Horton’s.


Tackling the Marketing Budget: 5 Trends Worth Following

November 2014

Okay, let’s just admit it. Budgeting bites. It’s not fun any way you look at it and if it is can we hire you to do ours? “5 Trends Your Marketing Team Should Budget For In 2015”, featured in October’s Forbes online edition, offers some helpful insights on what to consider when doing your marketing budget.

Read More


Going Mobile with Fraser Valley Truck Parts

November 2014

Fraser Valley Truck Parts wanted to make it easier for clients to contact them from their cell phones, so we created a ‘mobile essentials’ website that looks similar to an ‘app’.

With a ‘Click to Call’ and a Google Map link, along with an option to ‘switch to desktop’ option, staying in touch with Fraser Valley Truck Parts has never been easier.

Check out the site on your mobile device at FVTP.ca.

Internet- As-A-Utility

The Internet is Just Another Utility

November 2014

Treat the internet as a utility. That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

We’ve all grown to expect Internet access to be just like electricity, clean water, sewage, etc. It’s just there and it works. Read the full article at TechCrunch. Let’s hope that Prime Minister Stephen Harper follows President Obama on this train of thought.

Harvest Corporation Announcement 700x390

A Fresh Website for Bakery Equipment Supplier, Harvest Corporation

October 2014

Honeycomb Creative is rising the challenge to produce a fresh website for Harvest Corporation. An established bakery equipment supply company, with office in British Columbia and Ontario, Harvest’s new website will serve it’s clients across North America.


Apex Aluminum Extrusions chooses Honeycomb Creative to Push-out it’s Website Design

October 2014

Following the success of the logo design we completed in April, Apex Aluminum Extrusions is letting us roll-out the production of their new website. Working with an Apex supplied design, Honeycomb Creative will be executing a new responsive website with lots of custom programming features. Based in Langley, Apex has a state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion facility that provides it customers a wide variety of standard shapes and custom extrusions.

Screenshot of BC Healthy Living Website

BC Healthy Living new site is live!

October 2014

The BC Healthy Living website is now live! We’re excited to have completed this project. We’ll be adding this website project to our portfolio soon.

Publish to your Business Blog Regularly

October 2014

Blogging for business can be a great traffic generator for your business website. The key is to blog regularly. Most business people are too busy to generate regular content for the website business blog.

If you’re not going to commit to regular blogging yourself, you consider having someone else blog on your behalf.

At Honeycomb Creative we write blog posts for clients, get them approved and then schedule them to publish. The content isn’t necessarily, as ‘current’ as it could be. But new content is published on a regular basis, and that’s the point isn’t it? Publish regularly, publish original content, and use your keyword phrases. Do all that – and over time – your website traffic should increase.

DNS working again at Namespro

September 2014

The DNS at Namespro.ca is resolving again. They were subject to a denial of service attack. It did take an usually long time to resolve, but for the most part they have been very reliable. Stuff happens and it takes time to fix it.

Here’s the latest message from Namespro,
“[2014-09-25 11:25am PST]
We have regained essential control over several of our major DNS servers. DNS services appear to start becoming available. All services should follow. We are monitoring and continue to work on hardening the server. Once again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. All user’s tickets will be addressed in the order that they are received.”


Hooked On Miracles Tournament Sponsorship Banners Ready for Fundraising Event

June 2014

Two new large sponsorship banners, one 3′ x 6′ and one 4’x 20′, are ready for display at the annual Hooked On Miracles Tournament being held June 19-23 at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino, BC. The event promises “three days of fun, fishing and fundraising” in support of BC Children’s Hospital. Visit www.hookedonmiracles.ca to learn more about the event.


Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours

June 2014

Need to find someone? Looking for an old friend? Here’s an article that says that ‘Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours

IP Chicken

What’s your IP?

May 2014

Need to find your ip address to have Honeycomb Creative help trouble shoot an issue for you? Then you have to visit IP Chicken! Love the name.


Chipeze Ready for Home Show Debut

April 2014

Chipeze™ Disposable BBQ Smokers will be debuting at the Ridge Meadows Home Show from May 2-4. Stop by the Chipeze™ booth to pick up an Apple Wood, Cherry Wood or Mesquite BBQ smoker pack and admire the booth banner and product cards made by us. Or learn more about Chipeze™ at www.chipeze.com, the online product page we developed.

W3Counter Browser Market Share

Monthly Browser Stats

April 2014

Want to know which browser has the most users? Which monitor size is used most? W3 Counter provides all the answers.

Domain Registration Service

March 2014

For .ca (Canada)  or .com registrations at Honeycomb Creative we recommend  NamesPro.ca. Their control panel is easy, their customer service is great and they are one of the cheapest for .ca registrations.  If you only have one (or a few domains) to manage we would recommend using NamePro for all your registrations.


Here’s How Non-Profits Can Find Free Engineers

February 2014

Whether it’s spreading awareness on social media or tapping into the power of mobile in developing countries, non-profits understand technology can be a force for good. They just don’t always have the means or the know-how to harness it.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/app-e-feat


What It’s Like to Be One of the First 10 Employees at a Successful Startup

February 2014

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat. You just get on.

This advice from Google chairman Eric Schmidt is one of the standout lines from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. The Fortune 500 COO says it’s some of the best career advice she’s ever received — after all, it landed her at Google and then Facebook.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/first-100-reddit-groupon-barkbox-quirky


Google Chrome Now Tells You When It’s Been Hijacked

January 2014

Google Chrome is helping its users fend off browser hijackings.

Linus Upson, Google’s vice-president of engineering, announced a new protection in a blog post last week that asks users to reset their account if Chrome’s system detected a potential hacker.

View Full Article Here: www.mashable.com/google-chrome-protection-hijacked/


Web Developer Wins Trip to Mexico (again)

November 2013

In 2012 Karen won a radio station (The Beat 94.5) contest for a trip to Mexico. This year, the friend that Karen took with her to Mexico won the contest. So guess who’s going to Mexico again? Karen will be hanging out with the Mayan’s the 1st/2nd week of January, so that means that all client work will be done just a little bit slower, as we’ll be under staffed until January 13, 2014.


Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours

April 2013

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/12-hours-separation-social/


Make Your Password ‘Gooder’ With Bad Grammar, Research Says

March 2013

Crafting the perfect password isn’t easy. Some things, like pet’s names, birthdays and ascending number sequences, should definitely be avoided. (The word “password” is strongly discouraged, too.)

But what about good grammar? According to a new study, you should probably steer clear of that as well.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/password-bad-grammar


No Two Web Pages Separated by More Than 19 Clicks, Study Says

February 2013

If you’re ever feeling lost in the vacuum of cyber space, don’t despair. The web is woven tighter than you might expect — in fact, you’re probably just a few clicks away from your homepage.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/19-clicks-internet


Flat Design: Can You Benefit from the Trend?

February 2013

Flat design – a concept popular many years ago in design – is making a comeback.

Can you make it work for your project? Does this more simple design scheme work for you?

Source: http://designmodo.com/flat-design


3D Mouse Ring Turns Fingers Into Computer Controllers

February 2013

Mycestro is a 3D mouse that enables more mobile computing. Whereas a traditional computer mouse requires a flat surface to operate, this design places it on the index finger and allows you to control your computer with hand gestures and mouse functions.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/3d-mouse-ring


5 Password Generators for Maximum Online Security

February 2013

Don’t be one of those people with lame passwords. We want to help you to pick super secure, ninja-style passwords that will keep you safe online.

These five free tools generate passwords with punch. Check them out in the gallery above and be sure to bookmark the service that suits you.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/password-generators


5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your PC

February 2013

When your PC starts its steady decline into sloth-like speeds, the first thing you’d love to do (besides beating it Office Space-style) is head straight to the mall for a fancy new machine. But the reality is there are easy changes you can make to speed up your computer.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/speed-up-your-pc


How to Create a Secure Password

February 2013

A secure password can be your first line of defense against would-be hackers. Creating a secure password, however, isn’t always as easy as it looks. As the Internet has gotten larger, hackers have gotten smarter, making it so even passwords that seem like they’re secure aren’t necessarily anymore.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/create-secure-password


Why DNA Will Someday Replace the Hard Drive

February 2013

DNA could someday store more than just the blueprints for life — it could also house vast collections of documents, music, or video in an impossibly compact format that lasts for thousands of years.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/dna-replace-hard-drive


10 Essential Tools for the Lean Web Developer

February 2013

There is no correct set of tools every developer should be using. The right tool is the one best suited to you.

Mashable has compiled a list of 10 exceptional free or open source apps for developers to help keep costs minimal, improve productivity and simplify workflow. You will find some old favorites listed; however, you might discover some new tools for your arsenal.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/developer-tools-apps


Honeycomb February News

February 2013

Note from Allen

busbee.jpg“We get a lot of client questions about SEO and ‘how to I show up on the first page of Google?’ and the simple answer is update your website often.”

Content is King for SEO

Write new job announcements, highlight company news, write tutorials, – all with your relent keywords.

Most clients are too busy working on their own business to deal with website updates, so have a new Content Update Service that we are introducing to existing clients. Contact me to discuss your specific website content requirements.

Technical & Security Updates

Website Technical & Security Updates
We’ve already done some major website technical updates through our Website Technical & Security Updates process. To provide you with extra protection from hackers, we have been proactively updating your website programming code to make it as secure as possible. Nothing will keep a determined hacker out, but we don’t have to make it easy for them.

Technical & Security Updates invoices ($75.00) will be issued at the end of each quarter. Save $40.00 plus HST by requesting annual billing ($260.00).  Contact me for more information.

Sitemanager Code Maintentance Upgrades
Clients that utilize our Sitemanager Content Management System will be contacted this quarter to discuss what needs to be done to continue to keep their website code inline with on going server updates.

Karen is buzzing off to Australia

Website updates might take a little longer in March as Karen will be exploring Australia and leaving us short staffed. We will respond to all requests as quickly as possible, but probably slower than usual.

Website Buzz

Websites Work Underway
We continue working on new websites for Stinson Aerial Services Inc, Sasco Contractors Ltd., Grand West Electric Ltd., CTS Systems Inc. and MPB Construction Ltd.

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with us and we’ll keep you informed about tech news, studio news and other information you need to market your business online.

picture 9.pngSubscribe to our Blog, and stay up to date on iPhone apps, security threats and how to use social media for online marketing.

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Busy Bees

Our clients have kept us busy with a number of print and web projects. Here’s what we’ve recently completed:


Allwest Electric Ltd.

Visit Site


Stinson Aerial Services Inc.

View Logo


Soroptimists Abbotsford / Mission

View Brochure

To see more of Honeycomb Creative’s print and web work:
View Our Portfolio


Google’s Must-Follow Security Tips for Safer Internet Day

February 2013

Google is celebrating Safer Internet Day today with the redesign of its “Good to Know” site, offering more tips and resources about how to stay safe online.

View Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/google-security-tips-safer-internet-day


Honeycomb Updates Client Review Area

January 2013

Honeycomb Creative has updated it’s in-house ‘Studio Manager’ application for managing Client feedback and approvals on website design and graphic design projects. Clients will find an updated user interface when they login to review their projects.


Web Developer Wins Trip to Mexico

December 2012

Congratulations to Karen for winning a trip to Mexico from The Beat 94.5. Karen will be hanging out with the Mayan’s the 2nd week of January, so that means that all client work will be done just a little bit slower that week, as we’ll be under staffed.


The Basics of Writing Web Copy

December 2012

Whether it’s copy for a landing page or a banner ad, writing goal-oriented copy can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced copywriters. Like website design, opinions about copy are not only subjective, but also plentiful. Likewise, both departments can benefit from a plan of attack and some best practices.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.websitemagazine.com/the-basics-of-writing-web-copy


Give Up the SEO Dream?

December 2012

It’s time to give up the SEO dream. You know, the one where you rank in the first position on Google and Bing for every conceivable keyword and phrase related to your product, service or published material. But if search engines didn’t exist, would your enterprise? Yes. And here’s how.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.websitemagazine.com/give-up-the-seo-dream


WordPress 3.5 Has Arrived

December 2012

Self-hosted WordPress users, fire up your update engines. WordPress 3.5 is now available for download.

WordPress 3.5 brings in lots of under the hood enhancements, as well as a few new user-facing features.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/wordpress-3-5


Honeycomb News December 2012

December 2012

Note from Allen

Be Ready for Trade Show Season
For many of you, January to May is busy with the trade show season. Please provide sufficient time to properly update your booth display, hand-out materials, and to tie in your website to your marketing efforts. Contact me to get started on your trade show projects now.

Holiday Hours
So that we can spend some quality time with family and friends during the Christmas season, we will close on Friday December 21, 2012, and reopen on Monday January 7, 2013. During this time, we will be available for scheduled and emergency website updates.

2013 Website Hosting
Annual Hosting invoices for 2013 will be arriving in January so that clients may take advantage of HST input credits. 

Website Technical & Security Updates
All clients should be transitioned to our Website Technical & Security Updates program by the end of the December. To provide you with extra protection from hackers, we have been proactively updating your website programming code to make it as secure as possible. Nothing will keep a determined hacker out, but we don’t have to make it easy for them.

Technical & Security Updates invoices ($75.00) will be issued at the end of each quarter. Save $40.00 plus HST by requesting annual billing ($260.00).  Contact me for more information.

Website Buzz

Websites Work Underway
We continue working on new websites for MPB Construction Ltd., CTS Systems Inc. (Key Tracer), Sasco Contractors Ltd., Allwest Electric Ltd. and Grand West Electric Ltd., Allwest’s affiliate company located in Calgary.


Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with us and we’ll keep you informed about tech news, studio news and other information you need to market your business online.

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Busy Bees

Here’s a list of some of the very cool projects that we’ve worked on over the last few months:


We designed and developed a new website for Fraser Valley Fire Protection Ltd. Visit www.fvfireprotection.ca to view the site.


Clogsforcomfort.com Facebook Store

ClogsforComfort.com had us create a Facebook page and installed a Facebook store – Like them here!


We updated and printed construction signage for the Parallel Group

To see more of Honeycomb Creative’s print and web work:
View Our Portfolio


YouTube Video Basics for Beginners

December 2012

If there is one network that I bet you wish you were more active and popular on, my guess would be YouTube (how did I do?). Unless you’re one of those Web workers that uses video predominantly, then you’re probably just featuring a handful of videos on your brand or personal page. But that’s just not enough – video is big (and growing) and deserves more of your attention.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.websitemagazine.com/youtube-video-basics-for-beginners


Internet Explorer sucks less according to Microsoft

November 2012

Even Microsoft realizes that Internet Explorer sucks – still, but at least they’re starting to develop a sense of humour. Read the full article at the Huffington Post and be sure to watch the funny commercial/video


The BIGGEST Mistakes in Web Design

November 2012

There are many factors to keep in mind when designing a website. Sometimes in the vast scope of Web projects, however, some simple design mistakes inadvertently occur and may have a detrimental effect on website success. There are so many preventable errors that occur when creating new websites that listing them all would be impractical, but here are the design flaws seen over and over again on the Web.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.websitemagazine.com/the-biggest-mistakes-in-web-design


7 Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

November 2012

It can be tough to keep up with all the new apps released every week. But you’re in luck — we take care of that for you, creating a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/apps-roundup


$700 Hack Threatens Millions of Yahoo Mail Users

November 2012

A new exploit being sold for $700 may put tens of millions of Yahoo Mail users at risk.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/hack-yahoo-mail


How to Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away

November 2012

It’s a good idea to be a little paranoid about password theft, and there are several ways to strengthen your defenses.

Here’s the bottomline, “At some point, you will get hacked — it’s only a matter of time,” warned Mr. Grossman. “If that’s unacceptable to you, don’t put it online.”

Read the full article at the NY Times


The Spooky Side of Cybersecurity

November 2012

Fear comes in many forms, and on Halloween things get creepier and crawlier than usual. But for some of us, the scariest thing of all has nothing to do with snakes and spiders — and everything to do with cybersecurity.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/spooky-cybersecurity


10 Things You Didn’t Know Dropbox Could Do

November 2012

We live in an age when we want (and sometimes need) to access information at all times. This includes our own data and files — text documents, photographs, videos, music and more. That’s why services like Dropbox and the cloud are so popular with the connected generation.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/dropbox-tips-and-tricks


6 Dos & Don’ts for Better Content Marketing

November 2012

Hey, your blog looks great! And those videos certainly add the finishing touch. Congratulations!

Now what?

Is it really enough to create your own content, push it out to your list, and wait for sales to boom?

Read Full Article Here: http://www.inc.com/6-tips-for-content-marketing


Watch the Internet Go Down as Superstorm Sandy Makes Landfall

November 2012

Superstorm Sandy ripped through the Eastern Seaboard earlier this week, bringing record storm surges and long-term power outages in several cities.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/internet-down-hurricane-sandy/


Another Internet Explorer Security Alert

September 2012

A large number of our clients use Internet Explorer (IE) as their standard company web browser, I beg you to stop. Yesterday (September 17, 2012) another larger security hole was found in IE.

Here are there important points:
“Microsoft Corp warned that a newly discovered bug in its Internet Explorer web browser makes PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers and urged customers to download a piece of security software to mitigate the risk of infection.” –  this is not a simple IE update, you need to install and configure new software on your machine to make you safe.

“Some security experts said it would be too cumbersome for many PC users to implement the measures suggested by Microsoft.” – too difficult for the average user to do.

“For consumers it might be easier to simply click on Chrome,” said Dave Marcus, director of advanced research and threat intelligence with Intel Corp’s McAfee security division.

Here’s a link to a story with all the details; http://bit.ly/OWC8GE

If your IT department/supplier isn’t worried, it’s because they get paid overtime to fix problems later.

So what should you…
1. On a PC, stop using Internet Explorer forever.
2. Install a different browser, both Firefox and Chrome are safer, and faster, and render web pages better.



Can Real-Time Data Give Your Site an Edge?

September 2012

Data is having a moment. Analytics are sexier than ever before, and metrics are drive decision-making and thus, boosting revenue. Not surprisingly, there are lots of data tools out there to parse your referral traffic, pageviews, time on page and more. But some people need to know what’s happening now, how they can improve traffic immediately. That’s where real-time analytics comes in, and if you ask CEO Tony Haile, that’s where Chartbeat dominates.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/chartbeat/


FBI: We Weren’t Hacked, Never Had Apple Device IDs

September 2012

Despite a claim made by hacking group AntiSec, which said it compromised 12 million Apple iOS Unique Device IDs (UDIDs) and personal information from a laptop of an FBI staffer, the government agency is denying that it ever had the data the hackers allegedly stole.

Read Full Article Here: http://mashable.com/fbi-we-werent-hacked-never-had-apple-device-ids/


How to Increase Your Search Rank Using Social Media

August 2012

The rules of search have changed. In fact, they change on a daily basis. But never so dramatically has rank been uprooted since the explosion of social media. Social media sites, especially the power houses of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have become backlink central for affecting organic search results.

Read More: http://mashable.com/search-rank-social-media/


4 Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

August 2012

Creating the perfect website for your small business is about much more than simply picking the right domain name and pictures. Companies must instead be able to include practical information about their business while also avoiding common mistakes that often plague websites.

Read More: http://mashable.com/website-design-mistakes/


How Much Did Famous Logos Cost to Design?

August 2012

The Internet tends to throw a fit when big brands change their logos — so much so that some brands decide to drop the new look and revert back to the older version. (Remember Gap?) With a brand’s visual corporate identity at stake, a logo change is no small task.

Read More: http://mashable.com/famous-logo-design-cost/


Mobile Entertainment Consumption Soared 82% in One Year

August 2012

Thanks to the growth of smartphones and tablets, entertainment consumption on mobile devices has grown 82% from 2010 to 2011, a new study suggests.

Read More: http://mashable.com/mobile-entertainment-consumption-study/


Watch Out for This Sneaky Facebook Scam Disguised as a Photo Notification

August 2012

The next time Facebook sends you an email about a friend tagging you in a new picture, be cautious — it could be a trap.

Read More: http://mashable.com/facebook-malware-photo-tag/


Entire History of the Internet on One Facebook Timeline

August 2012

We’ve seen companies and people do some inventive things with Facebook’s Timeline feature, but this project may take the cake.

Grovo, a company looking to better educate people about common web and mobile products, has curated the entire history of the Internet on one single Facebook Timeline.

Read More: http://mashable.com/history-of-internet-facebook/


Google+ Launches Tools for Businesses

August 2012

After a private beta test period, Google is releasing on Wednesday a suite of business tools for Google+ users.

The tools are available for free through the end of 2013, but users will then need a paid subscription to Google’s cloud-based software for businesses, Google Apps, for continued access.

Read More: http://mashable.com/google-plus-for-businesses/


In era of revelation, privacy more important than ever

August 2012

In an age in which people are sharing the tiniest details of their lives on Facebook and Twitter — from what they had for lunch to whom they’ve had sex with — it’s hard to believe anyone still values privacy.

Read more: http://bit.ly/OMDuoq


Experts hope to shield cars from computer viruses

August 2012

A team of top hackers working for Intel Corp’s security division toil away in a West Coast garage searching for electronic bugs that could make automobiles vulnerable to lethal computer viruses.


Wi-Fi snooping tool drills gaping holes in security

August 2012

The online world is abuzz with the news of an Internet browser tool that lets even the most technologically inept snoop on their neighbors over Wi-Fi networks.

Read more: http://bit.ly/NzVtBy


Honeycomb News from June

July 2012

Note from Allen


The Mobile Movement Study reported that 22% of smartphone shoppers purchase via apps. Is your business missing out on potential sales because it doesn’t have an app? Yes, people will purchase from your website, but as more and more people adopt smart phones, they will choose an app for reasons of convenience.

Mobile App Development for Business

When you think of a mobile app, you probably think of a game. When we think of an app, we think of an effective, information-focused communication tool for building, engaging and maintaining client relationships.

If you want to know how a mobile app can help you build customer loyalty and increase repeat business, contact me or visit www.honeycombapps.com, our new website dedicated to our mobile app development service.

Website Buzz

Mom to Mom Website Launch
The website for Mom to Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society, a charitable organization improving the lives of mothers in need in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is done. Visit www.m2mcharity.ca to learn how this group is making a difference.

Almost Done…
Some of the projects that are very close to completion include:

  • Our 6th Annual Report for Taiga Building Products Ltd.
  • Business cards for Silhouettes Hair Studio in Maple Ridge
  • New vehicle graphics for Toronto-based TTM Finishes Inc.’s new trucks
  • Website for REBL –  Refractories Evaluations Laboratory Ltd.

Look for more details in our next issue.

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with us and we’ll keep you informed about tech news, studio news and other information you need to market your business online.

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Busy Bees

Here’s a list of some of the very cool projects that we’ve worked on over the last few months:


Mom to Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society Website


2011 Copper Mountain Annual Report
Honeycomb Creative provided design and print production work, and organized shortrun digital printing.


www.honeycombapps.com Our new website dedicated to our latest service offering: mobile app development.

To see more of Honeycomb Creative’s print and web work:
View Our Portfolio


Unlock Your Passwords by Just Standing Next to Your Computer

June 2012

KeyFree Login logs you in to all of your Internet accounts (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) by unlocking your passwords when your mobile device is close to your computer.



How Much Battery Life Do Your Apps Zap? This Tool Will Check

June 2012

What is hogging battery life on your phone?



3 Ways to Protect Your Mac From Malware

June 2012

The more users make the switch to Apple products, the more we can expect criminal malware to follow.



How to Get to Your First 1,000 Users

June 2012

So you’ve got an idea for the next big thing. Awesome! How are you going to get people to know you exist?



Google Takes You On A Tour Of The World’s Most Stunning Wonders

May 2012

Google Takes You On A Tour Of The World’s Most Stunning Wonders Google has officially announced the World Wonders Project, which will offer on-the-ground 360-degree views of 132 historic sites from 18 different countries. Since it launched…


An Interview With Simon Heseltine

May 2012

PENNY C. SANSEVIERI: How to Keep Your Website Optimized for Google: An Interview With Simon Heseltine “It is about getting the eyeballs on your site, getting that traffic there and that is what you are looking for. You are looking at your page views, you are looking at your organic traffic and that is what is most important for you.”


Google Chrome Now the No. 1 Browser in the World

May 2012

Chrome or Firefox – anything is better than Internet Explorer.
Read the article:  http://mashable.com/2012/05/21/chrome-is-tops/


Google’s gunning for web spammers, bans us from mentioning Bieber

April 2012



Honeycomb April 2012 News

April 2012

Note from Allen


Add some fresh content to your site, even just a few lines about a new client or a new project, on a regular basis and, over time, this practice will increase your search engine ranking. If you’re too busy to do this, contact Honeycomb for help.

Kudos to Senwi House Inspections for practicing what we consistently preach. Senwi frequently updates their website with home inspection news directed towards its primary target market, house buyers.

Website Buzz

Giving Back
We’ve started web development work for Mom to Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society, a charitable organization improving the lives of mothers in need in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

Watch for the website launch announcement to appear in our next newsletter.

Digital Publishing
Let us transform your traditional documents into ready-for-digital-distribution PDFs, enhanced PDFs, ePubs or iBooks.

Depending on the format, your digital publication can include active links within or outside the publication, video files, audio files and interactive maps. ePubs are Kindle compatible and iBooks are iPad compatible. To learn more, contact Allen.

What’s New
We’re excited to let you know that we’ve been working on developing iPhone Apps. If you would like an iPhone app developed, contact Allen.


Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with us and we’ll keep you informed about tech news, studio news and other information you need to market your business online.

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Busy Bees

Here’s a list of some of the very cool projects that we’ve worked on over the last few months:


print + web development – volume 7

Download the PDF or try our iBook version, which is iPad friendly


Use your credit card to pay invoices on the spot through our iPhone app. Call to schedule an on-site payment.

To see more of Honeycomb Creative’s print and web work:
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Shoppers Prefer Using Mobile Web Over Retail Apps

March 2012

Shoppers Prefer Using Mobile Web Over Retail Apps: http://on.mash.to/zrkl4G


Time to make your website iPad ready

March 2012

New iPad: Is Your Content Ready for the HD Tablet Revolution?: http://on.mash.to/xLS2mE


‘next iPad’ comes after ‘new iPad’

March 2012

Through it’s Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/honeycombcreative.ca, Honeycomb Creative has offered it’s services to Apple, to help with the naming of it’s ‘next iPad’, that would be the after the ‘new iPad’.


The New iPad – what a lame name.

March 2012

Apple updates it’s iPad, and it’s marketing department can’t come up with a better name than ‘new iPad’. Are they trying to confuse users? If iPad 3 was too much of a stretch, how about iPad 2.1, or iPad 2012, or how about iPad after Steve?

Maybe Steve Jobs really was doing all the work at Apple, but seriously how much brain power does it require to add a version number to a product? I think it’s time to sell Apple shares.


Honeycomb Creative News

March 2012

Website Buzz

image1.jpgWe’ve always told you that it’s a good idea to update your website every 3-5 years. So after 3 years, it was time for us to follow our own advice.

Through its new newl design and expanded content, our new Honeycomb Creative website promotes our end-to-end website services for our B2B clients, including:

    – Branding & identity
    – Website design & development
    – Website hosting
    – Mobile website design
    – Technical & security updates
    – WordPress maintenance
    – Pay-per-click advertising
    – Content strategy development

Take a tour of the new site at www.honeycombcreative.com and send us your comments.

Help is Close at Hand

honeycombhelp.jpgWant to know if your site is down for everyone or just you? How to add a new email account? Or need to know your IP address?

We have the answers at www.honeycombhelp.com. It’s our new site for answering frequently asked Cpanel, email, Sitemanager and Web Publisher related questions.

Best of all, the new site runs on a different server than our client hosting, so it will be up and running even if you experience problems with your own site.

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with us and we’ll keep you informed about tech news, studio news and other information you need to market your business online.

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Busy Bees

Our clients have kept us busy with a number of print and web projects. Here’s what we’ve recently completed:


Black Tusk Fire & Security

Project: Fire Services Sales Sheet


IMASCO Minerals Inc.

Visit Site


Precision Restorations Inc.

Visit Site

To see more of Honeycomb Creative’s print and web work:
View Our Portfolio


Getting started with the new Facebook Business Pages

March 2012

Česky: Logo Facebooku English: Facebook logo E...

Image via Wikipedia

Pretty good article at MacWorld on the updated Facebook features for Business. http://goo.gl/9eciK


Telus Internet accounts vulnerable

February 2012

A man who hacked into thousands of Telus Internet accounts in B.C. told CBC News he got into thousands more accounts than the company acknowledges, and says the security flaw allowing him access still hasn’t been patched.



‘Confessions Of A Designer’, What Goes On In A Designer’s Mind

February 2012

What goes on in a Designers head – read and find out.


Four Websites Every New Entrepreneur Must Visit Before Launching Their Startup

February 2012

Four Websites Every New Entrepreneur Must Visit Before Launching Their Startup


Apple Teaches You How To Make Your First App Store App With New Guide

February 2012

Apple Teaches You How To Make Your First App Store App With New Guide


Do You Overuse Your Passwords? Take A Look

February 2012

Do You Overuse Your Passwords? Take A Look Still using the same password across multiple websites? Mozilla has released a new tool just for people like you. Mozilla hopes that the Firefox add-on…


Why Mobile Matters

February 2012

Why Mobile Matters http://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?1506=


Will the FBI shut down the Internet on March 8 because of computer virus concerns?

February 2012

Will the FBI shut down the Internet on March 8 because of computer virus concerns?

The Internet could go dark for millions of users as early as March 8 because of a virus that has corrupted computers in more than 100 countries.

Full Story: http://bit.ly/xh2HST


Hackers take aim at Nasdaq, Bats websites

February 2012

WASHINGTON – Hackers have targeted the public websites of the operators of the Nasdaq and Bats stock exchanges over the past two days with cyberattacks that disrupted the sites but had no impact on t…


Be wary of e-mail about security updates

February 2012

Check out this article that I saw in USA TODAY’s iPhone application.
Tip: Be wary of e-mail about security updates http://usat.ly/xQS2R2
To view the story, click the link or paste it into your browser.
To learn more about USA TODAY for iPhone and download, visit: http://usatoday.com/iphone/


Anonymous briefly knocks CIA website offline

February 2012

I want to share a story with you from Vancouver Sun: WASHINGTON – The website of the Central Intelligence Agency was briefly inaccessible on Friday after the hacker group Anonymous claimed to have knocked it offline.


Content Marketing

February 2012

Marketers Who Share Content Drive Traffic, Gain Customers [INFOGRAPHIC]: http://bit.ly/wt8ETL


Hackers attack Foxconn for the laughs | Computers | Macworld

February 2012



Measuring Social Media

February 2012

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics: http://bit.ly/A5aioi


Valentine’s Day Google Easter Egg

February 2012

Type This Into Google for a Valentine’s Day Surprise: http://bit.ly/xqWTwx


Honeycomb Creative Launches Redesign of its own website

February 2012

As a result of increased demand from its B2B clients, Honeycomb Creative has expanded its end-to-end website services to include everything a business needs to get and maintain a website. The redesign of www.honeycombcreative.com reflects this shift. Read the media release


Email Will Self Destruct In 5, 4, 3…

January 2012

Great new service for privacy – deletes the email after it has been read. Read about it here


8 Mobile Trends For Small Businesses To Watch In 2012

January 2012

BO FISHBACK: 8 Mobile Trends For Small Businesses To Watch In 2012 Small businesses can get overwhelmed trying to figure out which social networks or new types of communication should be added to your communication toolbox. So what trends do you need to be paying attention to — and acting on — in 2012?



Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

January 2012

Here’s a great article from Inspire Magazine: February 2012 – discussing mobile websites vs mobile apps.



What’s Next for Digital Coupons?

January 2012

What’s Next for Digital Coupons?: http://bit.ly/xlncV6


5 Apps to Help Manage Your Twitter Account

January 2012

5 Apps to Help Manage Your Twitter Account: http://bit.ly/xwIlqU


5 Strategies for Creating Magnetic Online Content

January 2012

5 Strategies for Creating Magnetic Online Content: http://bit.ly/zqmQo9


Hands On: Apple’s iBooks Author App

January 2012

Hands On: Apple’s iBooks Author App: http://bit.ly/y82Pkj


Apple Did Not ‘Reinvent Textbooks’

January 2012

JASON GILBERT: Apple Did Not ‘Reinvent Textbooks’ The software that Apple introduced Thursday morning at its “Reinventing Textbooks” event represents many, many great things for education in America — none of which,…


Apple’s iBooks 2 takes a bite out of education

January 2012



Hackers attack FBI, Justice Department websites after file sharing service shutdown

January 2012



Time your tweets to avoid getting lost on Twitter

January 2012

I thought you would be interested in the following article:

The Star: Time your tweets to avoid getting lost on Twitter

There is such a thing as being too organized, even on Twitter.

Using apps to schedule your tweets could bury your 140-character-genius in a deluge of tweets scheduled to hit the feed at the … (more)

This article was sent to you via the The Star iPhone app. Download TheStar from the App Store today, or visit http://www.thestar.com for more great stories.


Zappos Suffers Security Breach

January 2012

Zappos Suffers Security Breach The online retailer Zappos has notified customers that some of their account information may have been accessed by hackers who breached the company’s computer system….


Ten steps for a successful QR code campaign – The Globe and Mail

January 2012

When used properly QR codes are a great new marketing tool. Find out how to create a successful QR code campaign



Creating iPhone apps for WordPress Sites

January 2012

Very interesting new option for creating iPhone Apps from WordPress installations.



5 iPhone Apps You Need To Have

January 2012

Five great apps, my favourite would be LastPass. Check it out…


Paper.li – Be a publisher

January 2012

Publishes a daily ‘newspaper’ feed of the people you follow on Twitter or even Facebook.



UVic theft scores banking data on 11,000 employees

January 2012

Canada is not immune to hacker attacks, read this news story from The Province — More than 11,000 current and former employees at the University of Victoria are being urged to contact their banks after personal information including their names


Major Antivirus Company Admits To Hacker Breach

January 2012

If Symantic can be ‘hacked’ why should we assume that any website should be safe?

Read this story, http://huff.to/xG6f7z and make sure your website security is up-to-date.


Google Analytics – best new features

January 2012

How to Access the Best New Features in Google Analytics: http://bit.ly/xOpUVf

If you need help with understanding your Google Analytics reports, call Honeycomb Creative to review the information.


50,000 Credit Cards, 44,000 Passwords

December 2011

Do not assume that your credit card company, your bank, your website – are safe – they’re not! Make sure that your website is as secure as possible.



Notorious Hacker Group Strikes Again

December 2011

Notorious Hacker Group Strikes Again LONDON — The loose-knit hacking movement “Anonymous” claimed Sunday to have stolen thousands of credit card numbers and other personal information belonging to clients of…



14 Clever Footers In Modern Web Design

December 2011

14 Clever Footers In Modern Web Design – sometimes we need a little inspiration



4 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

December 2011

4 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page – some good tips, some maybe not so much, but an easy read…



How Non-Techies Can Succeed With Landing Page Testing

December 2011

How Non-Techies Can Succeed With Landing Page Testing



5 Pimped-Out Photographer Facebook Pages

December 2011

5 Pimped-Out Photographer Facebook Pages



How To Make Your iPhone’s Home Button More Responsive [iOS Tips]

December 2011

One of the unfortunate byproducts of owning an iOS device is that your Home button can become a little sluggish over time. When you get your new iPhone or iPad and use it initially, the Home button works smoothly, but it can eventually become less responsive.



Google Will Change Web Marketing in 2012

December 2011

Google is poised to completely alter how websites market themselves over the next year. While easing users into changing search results pages, Google has also designed a new method for websites to structure data so that its crawler can better pull information. This is a tremendous strategy. Google doesn’t need to own all of the information in the world, but does own the methods of accessing that information — as well as the ability to advertise to people who use that access.



Based Proposal Software

December 2011




December 2011



Tangerine Tango PANTONE 17-1463

December 2011



Riley marches with Santa Claus

December 2011

Wave to Riley as she marches in the Maple Ridge Santa Claus Parade with her troop of Girl Guides.


Passwords – the bad

November 2011

Let’s all keep our websites secure by using decent, difficult passwords. If you recongize a password on this list – change it! Now! Immediately.

According to SplashData, the most common passwords on the web are:

  • password
  • 123456
  • 12345678
  • qwerty
  • abc123
  • monkey
  • 1234567
  • letmein
  • trustno1
  • dragon
  • baseball
  • 111111
  • iloveyou
  • master
  • sunshine
  • ashley
  • bailey
  • passw0rd
  • shadow
  • 123123
  • 654321
  • superman
  • qazwsx
  • michael
  • football

Read the full report/article at SplashData


If I don’t know you, why would I buy from you?

November 2011

E-mail marketing – when is the last time you responded to unsolicited email? You know junk, spam, and !x8*9!!!

Why is everyone convinced that it works – when we all delete and ignore anyone we don’t know.

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Tools to Help Companies Manage Their Social Media

November 2011

New York Times as a great article on Social Media, Read The Article

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