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Online Payment Instructions

Online Payments – Step-by-Step

Pay invoices online with a credit card using PayPal’s electronic payment services. You don’t need a PayPal account, only a credit card.

Step 1

Enter your (1.) company name and (2.) invoice number.

Online Payment

Step 2

Select the PayPal Buy Now button to open a new window.

Online Payment

Step 3

Enter the payment amount in the Item Price field.
It will say “Marketingbytes Strategic Communications Inc.”. Don’t worry, this is our parent company.

Step 4

Select the “Don’t have a paypal account?” link to open the payment form.

Step 5

Complete the payment form and select the review and continue link.

Step 6

A confirmation message should appear requesting if you would like to complete the transaction. Select yes.

If you have any problems using the online payment system, please call 604.904.6622.

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