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Website Support Requests

Website Support Requests

After your website is complete, Honeycomb is there to provide you with any support that you require. From adding extra content, to cropping images to modifying functionality – we can help you with all your website needs.

Ongoing “As needed” Support
Historically we have provided this Support on an “as needed” basis, and billed clients monthly or quarterly – and we will continue to do so. But for billing simplicity, we are now offering clients the ability to advance purchase Support Requests Credits at a reduced rate than our “as needed” hours and minimal charges rates.

Support Request Credits (SRC)
Support Requests Credits are prepaid, non-refundable, non-expiring credits while you are a Honeycomb customer. We will provide you with quarterly statements (if requested) of your support usage, and notify you in advance before you run out of credits.

Support Request Credits can be used for any items except Emergency Restoration Requests.

This covers anything from small changes to your website that require programming, to website content changes, to saving custom format logo files – all the small things that you might need on an ongoing basis.

Support Request Credits (SRC)
  • Non-expiring prepaid credits
  • 4hr Time Blocks
  • Minimum fee/request – $40.00
4 Hour Time Block
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