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Website Technical & Security Updates

Website Technical & Security Updates (TSU)

Website Technical & Security Updates are all about keeping your core website programming code up-to-date and as secure as possible. Nothing will stop a determined hacker – but not keeping your website programming up-to-date can make it easy for them. TSU includes the following:

Third Party Updates
Update any third party plug-ins or modules to the latest version, and make any security upgrades that have come to our attention. *Does not include design updates that may be required during Master version updates of WordPress (i.e. v3.9 to 4.0) that may create layout and functionality changes.

Constant Monitoring
We will install a third-party monitoring service that will track changes to code files of your website and alert us of any “unplanned” changes so that we can investigate potential issues.

Performance Optimization
Once a month we will “optimize” database tables which will help your website run more efficiently.

Emergency Restoration
If anything “bad” does happen to your website we will prioritize restoration of your website at no extra charge.

Do I need this?: Yes – you do. Recommended for every website.

Technical & Security Updates (TSU)
  • Monthly and as required updates
  • Third Party Plug-in Updates
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Emergency Restoration of website
Quarterly Annual
$75.00 $260.00
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