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Website Offsite Backup

Website Offsite Backup (WOB)

Our standard website hosting package comes with alternate (every-other-day) backup of your website, but in the event of unauthorized changes to your website – if the changes are not noticed immediately, it is possible that your backup copies will become over written and therefore useless (we’ve seen this happen).

We use a backup company not affiliated with our hosting provider as additional protection against server failure and strongly recommend this extra “insurance” to all our clients.

Do I need this?: This is “extra” insurance – do you need it – not really. Should you have it – probably. Off-site backup is all about – worst case scenarios. Is your home insured?

Website Offsite Backup (WOB)
  • Weekly Offsite Backup (with 4 weeks retained)
  • Contact us if you would like more backup copies
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