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Launch Date: July 11, 2019

Located in Surrey, BC, Dendoff Springs manufactures a wide range of hot and cold wound springs and wire forms with exacting precision. For companies that manufacture products, listing as much information about the product offerings is important for searchability. Clients have to find you. Once that client is there, you need to make sure they can easily find what they are looking for. We had a great deal of fun adding springing, giggling navigation and images cropped to reflect their Dendoff ‘D’ but the needs of the end-user are always the priority.

We were very proud of the work we did for Dendoff back in 2014. The previous website really stood the test of time. This new website is also clean, fun and reflects Dendoff’s clean branding direction.

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Website Features

  • Homepage Animation
  • WordPress (CMS)
  • Responsive Design Programming
  • Contact Forms
  • Careers Listing & Form
  • Search Feature
  • News & Events Section
  • Drop-down Menu
Dendoff Springs Ltd.

Engaging Honeycomb Creative to develop and design the new Dendoff Springs website was an exciting and informative experience. The overall design of the site was clear and well laid out, providing a fresh, new look for the company and our range of somewhat drab industrial products. The graphics are visually appealing, uncluttered, & pertinent to our industry and products, providing some interesting and whimsical elements. The overall writing is concise and to the point, allowing for a relatively easy interpretation of technical jargon. In the process of providing information and making the necessary amendments, we found the response time from Honeycomb’s staff to be immediate. There was no lag time in reply to our questions and requests. Of particular importance, was the careful attention given to our prime concerns; ease of navigation, clear and consistence contact information throughout the site, and relevant graphics. In addition the entire process was completed on time and within budget!

Mary-Anne Morris, Managing Director, Dendoff Springs Ltd.Surrey, BC

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