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Briggs Nursery Ltd.

Who is Briggs Nursery Ltd.?

Briggs Nursery is an international leader in micro-propagation. Briggs Nursery propagates and grows a wide variety of specialty plants each year from its micropropagation laboratory and greenhouse in Elma, Washington.

Why a new website?

The previous website was not responsive, 5 years old and functionality requirements had evolved.

Were there any special client requirements?

The new website needed to be responsive, keep similar colours as the previous website and the plant search need to be updated.

About the Project

The website is clean and natural, with rich colours that reflect the quality and uniqueness of their plants. In many areas, programming was used to pull an average colour from the photos, so they are matted like unique pieces of art. In the “What’s New” page programming is used to differentiate between vertical and horizontal images, so each photo is cropped nicely. This is a sales-driven website, but we strove to also give it a distinctive look of quality and tradition.

Custom Features

  • We rebuilt the plant search so that it was easier to update and the search was faster.