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Launch Date: April 23, 2021

Sigma Lithium is developing the largest hard rock lithium deposits in the Americas and plans to produce 220,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium annually. The company wants to participate in the expanding electric vehicle supply chain. Sigma’s Grota do Cirilo property is currently in preconstruction with detailed engineering for an environmentally friendly production plant.
Sigma Lithium’s previous website was outdated and very hard to use. Sigma needed new content incorporating their corporate governance policies that would be easy for investors to navigate. They wanted a fresh look at how they present themselves online. Investor relations team members can easily update the newest version of their company’s website at any time without issue.
Sigma had a general look and feel and content as a starting point. They liked the natural green tones of their old website. The new website is similar but has a more updated feel and more fun interactivity. Mostly, Sigma wanted their new website up and running quickly.
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