Powerful Custom Functionality for Vitrum Glass’ Website

Honeycomb Creative developed powerful new features including a custom website application for Vitrum Glass Group’ website vitrum.ca.

The new Performance Data application lets users find Vitrum’s glass products via a custom search that’s very user-friendly. Users can simply adjust sliders to set the search parameters for each category, like visible light transmission values. The search results quickly load in a table format below the sliders, showing product specs for easy comparison. This custom website function is both powerful and easy-to-use.

The new search functionality of Vitrum’s portfolio lets users find projects based on glass type, project type, location and more.

A new Glass University section helps Vitrum’s customers understand their products better, by explaining the applications, styles and features of Vitrum’s glass products. This educational resource makes Vitrum shine as an authority in the glass industry.

Finally, the new website “skin” supplied by Vitrum gives the website an updated colour scheme and a few visual improvements.

The team at Vitrum was a pleasure to work with and we’re really happy with how the website updates turned out!

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