Tackling the Marketing Budget: 5 Trends Worth Following

Okay, let’s just admit it. Budgeting bites. It’s not fun any way you look at it and if it is can we hire you to do ours? “5 Trends Your Marketing Team Should Budget For In 2015”, featured in October’s Forbes online edition, offers some helpful insights on what to consider when doing your marketing budget.

  1. Stay true to your brand by understanding what is valuable to your audience and then stay consistent throughout your messaging.
  2. Capitalize on the big wigs. If you can leverage key players as thought leaders, do it. Plus it’s a good reason to email Oprah.
  3. Keep up with your inbound marketing. When 74% of marketers are spending the big bucks on inbound marketing this year, it’s probably a good bandwagon to jump on.
  4. Break out of your technology rut. Stay ahead of the game by mixing it up when it comes to using technology in your marketing efforts. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
  5. Don’t neglect mobile. For most of us we can barely go five minutes without using our phones including when we shop so be mobile friendly or don’t be relevant. It’s that simple.

Okay, so now that you know what you should be doing for marketing, it’s time to make the numbers work. Go forth and budget!

View the full article at Forbes.

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