Thinking about trying sponsored social media posts? 5 Tips to do it right

1. Narrow your message
Don’t try to reach the most people with a broad message, create a very specific message that will speak to the right people.

2. Target the right people for your message
Create an audience profile that would find your message relevant, and use it to narrow your social media ad’s reach to the right people.

3. Emphasize the benefit
The focus of the post should be how it will help your reader; make it about them not about your company.

4. Keep it short
A long post won’t be read, so keep it short and snappy so the viewer will actually read it, and then want to click to find out more.

5. Start at the beginning of the sales funnel
Don’t go straight for the sale just because it’s an ad, use it to put your company on your target audience’s radar, and start a relationship that will lead to a sale down the road.


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