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Technical & Security Updates

Technical & Security Updates

Sooner than later, your website will be hacked. That is why we are vigilant when it comes to website security and try to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to gain access to your website.

There is no fool-proof way to keep hackers out of your site, but our Technical & Security Updates Service will lessen the chance of an attack by keeping your website programming code up-to-date and secure. We strongly recommend our Technical & Security Updates Service for every website we build, and require it for every website that we host.

Technical & Security Updates Service includes:

  • Third party plug-ins or modules updates to the latest version and security upgrades. (This does not include WordPress Master Version updates that may create layout or functionality changes.)
  • Third-party monitoring service installation to track changes to code files and alert us of any suspicious changes.
  • Database tables optimization to help your website run more efficiently.
  • Free emergency restoration of your website if anything does corrupt your website.
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