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Managed Content Updates

Managed Content Updates

Let’s be honest, you’re too busy to update your website, no matter how easy it is to do. To get the full potential and value from your website, it is important to update it on a regular basis. If you don’t update your website on a regular basis, the search engines (Google) will think that your website is “dead” and they will stop indexing your website. Stay on Google’s good side – update your content regularly.

Let Honeycomb Creative manage your website. We’ll call you and add company news and events on a regular schedule, we can monitor the web for relevant news related to your industry and post links to those stories, – we can even write articles about your products or services.

Regular content updates are sure to keep the searchbots coming back to your website, but just to be sure, every month we’ll create a new sitemap, and submit that to Google. By adding content on a regular basis, Google will know that your website is active and deserves to appear in search results.

Do I need this?: If you’re not updating your website – yes you do!

Managed Content Updates
  • Regular updates of Announcements (News & Events)
  • Monthly Search Engine resubmission
  • As-required Technical & Security Updates
  • Original Content Writing (Custom Solution)
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