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Website Reports Analysis

Website Reports Analysis

After your website is built, it’s important to know that it is getting visitors and providing the necessary content to visitors. For every website that we build, we setup Google Analytics to send you monthly reports. The Google Analytics reports are in addition to the detailed log file reports that are also available.

Reviewing the Google Reports and the log files can tell you how visitors got to the your website, what they viewed and how long they stayed. Also important is knowing which websites are sending visitors to you and what search words are used to find your website.

The reports are great – but it does take experience to properly interpret the information to determine if any changes need to be made to your website.

Through analysis and analytics, we can help identify problems site visitors are encountering with your website and its overall performance. With this service, we provide weekly or monthly reports outlining traffic trends, conversion performance, budget/cost per conversion and recommendations to address any uncovered problems.

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