What’s the most effective marketing for B2B?

With all of todays digital marketing tools – email, social media, online ads – you’d think they’d be taking over the reins for generating revenue. But maybe surprisingly, it’s the non-digital marketing methods that grab the majority of revenue.

According to a recent report by B2B Marketing and The Telemarketing Company, a survey of 150 marketers found the 76 percent of revenue was generated by face-to-face meetings or telephone, while only 18 percent came via digital sources.

That doesn’t mean that digital marketing doesn’t play a big role though. Online marketing can be the first point of contact for potential clients, where a relationship begins, and is then followed by more personal marketing that closes the deal.

We believe digital marketing, like websites, are vital for reaching potential clients and convincing them to use their limited time to take the next step, whether that’s a phone call or a meeting.


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