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Datrend Systems’ New Website Monitors the Needs of it’s Users

Honeycomb Creative has launched a new website for Datrend Systems Inc., a Canadian based biomedical engineering company focused on developing and manufacturing leading-edge biomedical instruments and solutions for hospitals, clinics, third party service organizations and medical device manufacturers.

Datrend’s new website provides product information and solution options for the medical testing equipment users. Clean, blue and white layouts reflect the healthcare sector and updates the Datrend branding to a more contemporary look.

The new accessories finder helps users find the right cable, adapter or software from hundreds of items in seconds. Software manuals, notes, and performance specs are still easy to find both with each device and in the support area. Datrend products are distributed through a worldwide network of dealers, the website collects visitor information requests and the detailed product requests are forwarded to the appropriate dealer.

Find out more about this project by viewing it in our portfolio area.

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