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Industrial Timber Products

Working with Honeycomb Creative has been a very good experience. During the process, I have learned lots about my own business, as your probing questions have forced me to examine some basic things about our approach. I’m very impressed with your process and ability to make changes as the project moves along. Thank you for all your hard work.

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No Marketing Manager at your company? No problem. Honeycomb Creative can provide you with independent marketing advice that drives your company forward.

Unless you are a very large company, you likely don’t have a marketing department. You also most likely won’t have a marketing manager. At most small companies and many medium-sized companies, marketing is done as a ‘side of the desk’ job for either the company President, the finance person and many times the enthusiastic receptionist.

Your business grows not on the service or products you provide, but on your ability to bring on new customers. Honeycomb Creative can help you develop your plan for continued growth.


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99 Industrial Parts Division Ltd.

Allen took the time to really understand what our company does and how to convey that in a clean, visual, eye-catching design. It was very apparent to us that Allen is passionate about the work that he does and has a very good background in marketing material online with a focus on SEO. I would certainly recommend Honeycomb Creative to anybody.

Your project is managed by a capable and experienced web development team who will keep you up-to-date on the project’s progress.

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