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First Impressions Count

Convince visitors that your business is professional, reputable and worthy of their attention.

Provide Credibility

Past work experience and customer testimonials provide lasting impressions.

Showcase Products

Show off your best work. Impress visitors with your professional presentation.

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Marketing, E-commerce & Membership Websites

Your Website WillMake a Great First Impression

Design & Writing

Look good and choose the right words to get your message across.

Custom Programming

Use best practises to make your website responsive, fast and secure.

Content Management

Our custom content management installation includes security upgrades and client “friendly” personalizations.

We Build Hard-working Websites!

A Unique Website Design Specifically for Your Business

Our Website Design service includes the development of a unique website look and layout created specifically for your business. We do not use templates because we believe that every client deserves a memorable website.

Engaging Content and Strong Messaging

Now that you have your audience’s attention with the right design, your content has to deliver.  We put ourselves in the site visitor’s shoes, working with our clients to create quality written content that answers visitors’ questions, builds trust, and leads visitors to the call to action.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design programming is a website design that adjusts to fit on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers. Every Honeycomb Creative website is created with responsive design standards to ensure it meets Google’s requirements for ‘mobile-friendly’.

Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about having your website indexed and showing up high in the listings of Google, Bing and other major search engines. To help your website be search engine friendly, we design and develop every website with technical SEO best practices.

Robots.txt file
XML sitemap creation
Meta tags and keywords
Google website submission
Bing/Yahoo website submission

Meeting Your Unique RequirementsCustom Programming

We provide custom programming for every website that we build. This is what makes our websites different. They’re built specifically to address your business needs.

Much of the custom-programming that we create is for ‘back-end’ functions. Some of these functions make it easy for our clients to update their website and others make it easy for clients to retrieve information collected by or stored on the website.

Bringing Offline Data to Your Website:

Inventory Integration via CSV Uploads
Third Party API Implementation
Database Conversion from Joomla and Drupal

Every Website Feature is Customized to Your Requirements


Every client wants a custom gallery to promote their product or service.

Custom galleries use custom fields for project names, locations – anything you need.

Easy-to-UseContent Management

Every client wants to be able to edit their website content. This is easily done using a database-driven content management system (CMS).

Over the years, we have tested and used various applications; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others that no longer exist or new systems that are not stable enough for business use.

WordPress, which has the largest CMS market share, has a reputation among clients as being “easy to use” and “easy to update” – among developers it’s known for its security issues.

WordPress has evolved into a strong development platform that can be leveraged with additional programming. The downside is that every WordPress website requires continual care and maintenance, including technical and security updates to both its core source code and plug-ins.

Our custom installation of WordPress includes numerous customized security settings and client “friendly” personalizations.

When you need Increased Speed and Security: Decoupled CMS & Static Websites

A Decoupled website separates the traditional content management system (WordPress) from the generated static HTML website. Although a slightly more complex (and expensive) development process, this decoupling has multiple advantages, the primary being website load speed and security from hackers.

We Build CustomHard-Working Websites

Over the years, Honeycomb Creative has designed and built hundreds of websites. Broadly speaking, our clients tend to be business-to-business oriented and are in the construction, manufacturing and service industries. The main types of websites that we create are corporate/marketing, catalog/inventory, e-commerce and membership websites… and alway’s custom.

Corporate / Marketing Website

Make a great first impression. Showcase your work. Provide credibility and generate new business.

Within 5 seconds, your website’s design and layout must convince visitors that your company is professional, reputable and worthy of their business.

Impress your customers with your products and services. Show off your best work.  Wow customers with your past experience and testimonials about your work.

Smart, professional design and the right content will make your work stand out.

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What Does a Website Cost?

We have been known to design and build small websites for $7,000 to $9,000, but the typical corporate marketing website is $10,000 to $12,000+.

Fast Hosting & Support

Every WordPress website needs fast hosting and regular technical & security updates. Content updates are a regular request from busy clients.

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