Q: Why should I hire Honeycomb Creative to develop my company website?

A: Anyone can write code for a website, but it takes education and experience to create a website that works hard for your business by eliciting emotions and triggering a desired response from site visitors. At Honeycomb Creative, we have the necessary education and experience to build hard-working websites. We’ve been building websites since 1991, and with our strong background in design we know how to develop a professional-looking and client-friendly website.

Q: What types of print and electronic communications material can Honeycomb Creative help me produce?

A: We can help you produce annual reports, logos, sales brochures, investor fact sheets, corporate presentations, press releases, trade show booths, vehicle wraps, websites and much more.

Q: How “big” are you?

A: We have a core staff of writers, designers, programmers and project managers, and we are able to bring in more people for very large, time-sensitive projects.

Q: Has Honeycomb Creative ever missed a deadline?

A: No. Honeycomb Creative works hard to meet all project deadline dates, including rush orders. In order to meet deadlines, we depend on our clients to provide us with project information and approvals in a timely manner.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Honeycomb Creative Solutions has been in business in various incarnations–THinc. Advertising, Design Arc Communications and Marketingbytes–since 1991.

Q: Who are your clients?

A: We have a variety of clients in all types of industries, from aviation to health care and from mining to non-profit. Our clients tend to make things or provide a service. The majority of our clients are business-to-business, have limited or no internal marketing staff, want unbiased and knowledgeable feedback for making marketing decisions, operate in a highly competitive landscape and need to stand out from the competition, plan to expand their business into a new sector or geographical area or plan to launch a new product or service(s).

Q: Where are your clients located?

A: Although a majority of our clients are in the Greater Vancouver area, very few are actually located in downtown Vancouver. Some are in Surrey, Delta, Langley, North Vancouver, Mission, Maple Ridge, the Okanagan, and on Vancouver Island. We even have some clients located as far east as Ontario. Client location tends to be irrelevant since the majority of work is completed via email, telephone and even Skype. We also have a very good online client review system that allows clients to monitor project progress. Rarely do clients feel the need for us to visit their office, although we’ll gladly make the trip.

Q: How does Honeycomb Creative keep me up-to-date on the status of my project?

A: There are three ways we keep our clients up-to-date on the progress of a project: (1) regular project draft postings to our online Studio Manager, (2) regular project status emails, and (3) regular project status phone calls.

Q: How much does a website cost?

A: Every website we produce is different, so we provide each client with a detailed estimate after discussing their business needs, goals and the different options for meeting these specific business goals. The best way to find out what a custom website would cost is to call us to discuss what features and functionality you would like built into your website.

Q: Does Honeycomb Creative provide web hosting services?

A: Yes, we provide business class website hosting services from a 1st Class managed hosting facility for our clients.

Q: How much does an annual report cost?

A: As one of the most important documents a public company produces every year, annual reports can be very costly to produce. A number of factors–from the number of pages, colours and diagrams included to how the financials will be produced–can affect the overall costs, so it is very hard to provide an exact cost without all the details. But we can assure you that Honeycomb Creative can help you save on the overall production costs. Over the years, we’ve developed design and production techniques that allow us to produce high quality reports that fit within modest budgets.

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