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We have been building client and supplier relationships since 1991.

From print projects to event displays to websites, we have a history of exceeding client expectations for their marketing projects.

What Honeycomb Creative
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What Honeycomb Creative Can do for you.

We have been designing websites and print marketing materials since 1991, and have never failed to impress our clients.

The majority of the print and web projects we produce are for clients serving the electrical, construction, manufacturing, service, and non-profit sectors.

Most of our clients are business-to-business oriented, but we also have a number of retail/consumer e-commerce clients.

At Honeycomb Creative, we work one-on-one with our clients throughout the many stages of a project’s design and development.

By keeping our clients an integral part of this process, we gain a deep understanding of their businesses and develop long-lasting relationships based on trust and care.


Experienced Staff

We’re not a high-volume studio, but we do have high expectations. We want to give all our clients the best work possible. If we’re not happy with our work, then we won’t even consider showing it to a client.

It’s not easy, but we come through by channeling our experience, talent, and passion into everything we produce for our clients. We stay in contact with client throughout the project and guide them through the entire creative process to ensure the project meets their and our expectations.



Partner & Communications Designer

Riley has over 30 years of experience as a Senior Communications Graphic Designer in design studios and in the technology industry. Riley’s expertise includes corporate and brand identity, packaged goods, and software interface design. Riley, a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, is a member of the BC Chapter of the Society of Graphic Designers and has held executive positions for the society, including Sponsorship Chair and Secretary.

In her spare time, Riley is also an active member of the Girl Guides of Canada and most weekends can be found hiking or camping in the BC wilderness with ‘enthusiastic teenagers’.

Working from Maple Ridge, British Columbia.



Partner & Project Manager

Allen has too many years of experience in the advertising, marketing and design industries, including more than 30 years of strategy development and Internet marketing. Allen, a Ryerson University graduate, has worked with numerous national clients.

Allen is in the office most morning by 7am fielding client phone calls and email. Allen desperately needs a holiday.

Working from Maple Ridge, British Columbia.



Senior Web Developer

Conor has over a decade of experience in programming and web development. A former University of the Fraser Valley Geography and Sociology student, Conor uses his education to think and anticipate while programming cutting edge website functionality using React, API’s, Sass, Git, CircleCI, and many other new-fangled technology buzzwords.

Conor is also an accomplished musician and is one record contract away from asking for an extended ‘holiday’.

Working from Abbotsford, British Columbia.




Amanda has worked in the United Kingdom and Canada for various design agencies.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University of Gloucestershire and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a major in Visual Arts and a minor in Art History and Visual Culture, Amanda has spent a lot of time in school.

Design to me is about communicating information through visuals and creating a unique and positive experience.

Working from Ottawa, Ontario.


Jasper (JJ)


Jasper has more than six years of experience, writing and rewriting content. A phenomenal researcher, Jasper takes a grain of client content and turns it into field of incredible text.

Jasper is into words.

Working virtually from Austin, Texas.


Social Media Manager

Alex has been involved in social media since CompuServe. Go wayback, and you can find their posts on GeoCities and MySpace.

Sometimes relying on their good-buddy Jasper, Alex makes posting social.

Alex works remotely from everywhere.


Job Openings

Honeycomb Creative is always willing to review resumes from talented designers, writers, programmers, and coordinators.

We rarely, almost never, hire foriegn workers, so unless we indicate otherwise, every position requires working in Canada.

Green Policy

Bringing the Outside Into Everything We Do

We believe that every project that helps our clients grow is an opportunity to preserve the environment from which we all draw our inspiration, creativity, and energy.

Work practices in our office.

  • Limiting business travel to only the essential.
  • Recycling office waste, including: green waste, paper and electronic equipment.
  • Encouraging the use of post-consumer recycled and FSC certified paper.
  • Using sustainable suppliers and products.
  • Working in a remote-work environment.

In The Community

Doing What We Can.

Honeycomb Creative donates its time and talent to local non-profit organizations that do not have the time or the resources to tackle print and web communications projects.

Honeycomb Creative has completed website design and development, branding and identity work, and newsletter layout and design for not-for-profit organizations.


Client Satisfaction Guarantee

Never feel stressed or overwhelmed while working with Honeycomb Creative. Your project is managed by a capable and experienced team who will keep you up-to-date on the project’s progress and promise…