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Elevate Your Website with Exciting Upgrades and Features

The Honeycomb Creative team has worked diligently to create innovative web applications that can make your website work harder. 

1. Staff Portal for Seamless Communication:

Navigating through holiday schedules, vacation requests, and facilitating new staff onboarding can often be tricky tasks. A custom staff portal will streamline these processes, allowing your team to coordinate efficiently and save valuable time. Every staff portal or extranet we build meets the unique needs of the client.

2. Revamped Careers Section with Video Interviews and Scoring:

In a competitive talent landscape, presenting your organization as a front-runner is paramount Attracting top talent is essential for growth. An enhanced careers section lets you collect video interviews to streamline the recruiting process. Paired with a sophisticated scoring system, this innovation empowers your HR team to pinpoint exceptional candidates swiftly and systematically. If you do a lot of hiring, this is an upgrade worthy of your consideration.

3. Convenient Credit Card Payment Page:

Speed up the invoice payment process with a secure credit card payment page. This feature not only simplifies payments for your clients but also boosts your cash flow. No need to change your invoice process, just provide a little extra information for clients to be able to make online payments.

4. LinkedIn and Instagram Integration for SEO Boost:

Take your social media game to the next level by seamlessly integrating your LinkedIn and Instagram content into your website. This enhances your online presence and improves your website’s SEO ranking. It took a while but we finally have some plugins that are able to bring your social content to your website.

5. What Do Really Want:

Our team is ready to brainstorm and implement other website expansion ideas that add value to your business operations. Whether expanding your service or product information or setting up city-based pages for improved SEO, our expertise is at your disposal.

We recognize that each enhancement must be matched with your business strategy. That’s why discussing your needs and developing a custom solution is important. 

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