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Honeycomb Holiday Schedule 2023-2024

Happy Holidays ,

Seasonal holidays are coming up, and we want you to be aware of Honeycomb Creative’s holiday schedule.

Every year, we close down for a few weeks in December and into January to rejuvenate and spend time with friends and family.

Our last working day in 2023 will be Friday, December 22nd. We will be hard at work again starting Monday, January 8th, 2024.

During the holiday break, servers will be monitored for technical and security issues, but we won’t be working on any projects. We will also not be making any website changes during this time. Fortunately, most updates can be scheduled in advance to minimize any disruptions.

If you anticipate needing updates during our break, kindly reach out to us before December 14th. We will do our best to schedule any updates you require.

As we look forward to the new year, we express our gratitude for the opportunity to work with you.

Happy holidays.
Allen, Riley, Conor, Kyle, Amanda

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