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Gatsby.js: Moving Beyond WordPress

We love WordPress. We hate WordPress. WordPress is useful. How can we use WordPress less?

Those are all common discussions in our office. To ensure that we are providing the best web development solutions to our clients, we are constantly questioning our toolset.

At this writing (October 2019) WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) in the world. And even though we have managed to make our WordPress websites very fast and very secure, we want more.

This website is our first foray into using WordPress strictly as a CMS but using the Gatsby framework to generate a static website that is blazing fast. So although all the content is saved in a database, the website you are viewing is static HTML.

Why did we build the Honeycomb website in Gatsby?

  1. To expand our skillset
  2.  Increased security – the actual WordPress CMS is on a completely separate, hard-to-find domain. You can’t hack what you cannot find.
  3. Speed. HTML websites are really fast.
  4. To ensure that we’re always moving forward and providing clients with the best options for their website development.

Does this mean that every future website will be built with Gatsby? Not necessarily.

  1. Gatsby takes more programming time/expertise
  2. Slightly more expensive
  3. Difficult to implement with e-commerce or membership sites

But who knows, Gatsby might become our default standard. Only time will tell.

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