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Olympic International’s New Website is a Breath of Fresh Air.

Olympic International is the largest provider of HVAC equipment solutions serving British Columbia and the Yukon. The Company is committed to bringing the world’s leading sustainable technologies to the HVAC equipment supply and service industry.

This Website uses dynamic angles, bold colors, and abstract illustrations to denote the energy of this company. This site pushes the boundaries of the typical blocky front-end programing.  The scaleable angles are a complicated feature that had our developer busting ou his Pythagorean math. Abstract flickering dots icons and images imply the moving air molecules that are essentially the service of the HVAC industry. HVAC systems are a relatively invisible product so, the imagery of nightime rooftops implies the many Lower-Mainland and industrial buildings that house their projects. The bridges of Greater Vancouver imply their corporate focus of relationship-building. This site is a great example of the client, marketing, design, and development working together to produce an end product that is easy to use, communicates the product offerings and is visually interesting.

The site went from something the client rarely touched to an easy-to-use back-end that serves their specific training and human resources needs. This functionality has Olympic’s Director of Operations breathing easy.

Find out more about this project by viewing it in our portfolio area.

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