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We are very excited about the launch of the updated Copper Mountain Mining website. 

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation is a Canadian-based mining company, trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the CMMC ticker symbol. 

We have had a long working relationship with Copper Mountain. Starting with their logo design over a decade ago, we have enjoyed building websites and designing corporate pieces for this fast-growing company.  

Copper Mountain needed to update their website for security and accessibility but wanted to do so on a tight budget and short timeline. We kept the content and structure of the previous website to keep time and costs down.

The new website keeps the rugged feel and warm colours of their previous one and marketing materials but with brand new code under the hood. It is built in PHP7 which is more than 2 times faster and much more secure than the version of PHP the site had when built back in 2011. 

It also employs responsive design programming so the website is easily readable on smartphones and tablets as well as computer monitors. The type is always large and readable no matter what device you are using.

Some of the content is being brought in using angular programming so searching through news releases is fast and efficient.


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