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Allwest Electric Ltd.

Who is Allwest Electric Ltd.?
Allwest Electric Ltd. is a leader in electrical contracting services in Metro Vancouver. Allwest Electric provides professional electrical contracting services primarily for multi-unit residential, commercial projects, industrial and institutional electrical projects.
Why a new website?
Allwest wanted a repository for all the support information for their clients. Once logged in, every resident of every building Allwest builds has access to manuals, how-to videos and warranty information. Clients are made aware of upgrade options they can select. Clients have piece-of-mind that up-to-date information is available anytime and Allwest avoids thousands of customers contacting them with questions.
Were there any custom website features?
Login redirects the user to their building, Pop-up video area
About the project

The design is very basic to keep it easy to navigate for users. Each building shows in the page background. The look of the website is reflective of Allwest’s corporate website.

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