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Augustine Soil & Mulch Ltd.

Why a new website?

The Augustine Group is rebuilding their websites one at a time.

About the Project

Augustine Soil & Mulch produces soil and mulch from their facility in Pitt Meadows. They sell large bulk orders and sell to retail soil distributors throughout the lower mainland.

While the previous website did list their products, the new one has built-in ordering and quoting functionality. Since they had already paid for custom programming on their related company, Meadows Landscaping, the development costs were less for this website.

Augustine chose to have photographs taken of their facilities and soil. Time was spent ensuring they have an accurate representation of the soil and mulch products’ colour and texture. Since they are more a producer/manufacturer of soil the website shows the production process more than Meadows Landscaping, a retail outlet. A video on the home page shows mulching and shipment of one of their products “Bright Bark”.

The website uses shades of greens from its logo and a little rusty orange to reflect the products.

This website uses soft greens and images of finished landscape designs. The navigation is very simple and prominent allowing for easy ordering of products. Detailed information about products allows for better search engine ratings.

Custom Features

  • Volume calculator
  • Delivery quote order form
  • Product order list
  • Gallery of landscape designs using products