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Construction Labour Relations Association Responsive Website Design
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Construction Labour Relations Assoc. of BC

Who is Construction Labour Relations Assoc. of BC?

Based out of New Westminster, BC, CLR represents BC construction employers in collective bargaining agreements and more.

Why a new website?

CLR had just gone through a rebrand and wanted their website updated.

Were there any special client requirements?

Hosting and servers all need to be in Canada for security. This new website has complex events set up with the ability to upload privately viewable videos loaded onto the server.

About the Project

The Construction Labour Relations Association of BC (CLR) website was designed to follow their new brand guidelines. The website is bright and cheerful with dynamic shapes.

The website offers a diverse amount of information that needs to be regularly updated by CLR’s internal staff. Time was spent adding extra functionality to help make some types of information easier to add. For instance, an event or news post has form areas to attach documents as buttons or add quick galleries. Events with speakers can pull the photos and titles of staff members or add outside guest speakers easily.



Thanks, Honeycomb Team, for providing us with exceptional customer service and great professional results. We fully met our strategic goals in terms of our website re-built/re-brand.

Your creative ideas reflected our updated brand personality in a very organic way. Both CLR team and our members are satisfied with our new website.

Maria S.
Marketing & Communications
Construction Labour Relations Assoc. of BC
New Westminster, BC

Custom Features

  • Password Protected Member Area with different levels of access
  • Searchable Document Database