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Lomoca Heavy Truck Parts

Who is Lomoca Heavy Truck Parts?

Lomoca Heavy Truck Parts is one of Southern Ontario’s largest retailers of used semi and commercial truck parts. Lomoca Heavy Truck Parts buys heavy-duty vehicles, dismantles them for component pieces, and recycles or resells truck parts in a conscious, professional manner.

Why a new website?

The previous site was smaller and no longer reflected their core business. The content was updated to give a clearer picture of Lomoca’s services.

Were there any special client requirements?

The Lomoca Heavy Truck Parts website connects to their inventory system using a custom API each night. This means their inventory of 10,000 parts and 400 used trucks is kept up to date with minimal effort from the Lomoca staff.

About the Project

The Lomoca website utilizes strong acid yellow, dark green and black to give the site an industrial feel. The site is built to make searches and browsing truck parts easy.


Allen was incredibly helpful at breaking everything down and took the time to go through each of our processes and helped us out figuring out better ways to accomplish our goals. The entire team was friendly, and every person we interacted with was lovely. Any questions we had, were answered honestly and directly. The best part was that they took the time to explain and educate you in the process.

From the get-go, our expectations were blown out of the water. Truly a wonderful experience.

Carlos G.
Lomoca Heavy Truck Parts

Custom Features

  • Custom product searching and filtering
  • Parts listed alphabetically by category or by make