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Lumber Store by CarlWood

Who is Lumber Store by CarlWood? is a specific marketing effort of CarlWood Lumber Limited which markets their lumber specifically to local builders, architects and home-owners looking for better-quality lumber.
Were there any custom website features?
E-commerce/WooCommerce Shopping Cart, Searchable Database, Custom Product or Project Gallery, Interactive Delivery Area Map
About the project is a specific marketing effort of CarlWood Lumber Limited. In 2017 CarlWood chose to spin-off its Industrial Timber Products as a separate sales-oriented site targeting their industrial-use products such as crane mats-and timer bridges. The success of marketing this specific part of their business encouraged them to market their lumber specifically to local builders, architects and even home-owners looking for better-quality lumber.

This LumberStore website is designed first and foremost to easily find products. The site is clean, functional and user-friendly. The website features a full shopping cart system. The local shipping options are done as an interactive clickable SVG map. Responsive design programming makes the website easy to read on the device of your choice.

CarlWood is a family-owned lumber manufacturing company situated in Maple Ridge. CarlWood Lumber has been a supplier of high-quality BC hardwoods and softwoods to wholesale distributors.

Working with Honeycomb Creative has been a very good experience. During the process, I have learned lots about my own business, as your probing questions have forced me to examine some basic things about our approach. I’m very impressed with your process and ability to make changes as the project moves along. Thank you for all your hard work.

Doug C., General Manager, Industrial Timber ProductsMaple Ridge, BC
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