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Newtech Beverage Systems Ltd.

Who is Newtech Beverage Systems Ltd.?

Newtech Beverage Systems Ltd. has distribution centers in British Columbia, Ontario and Pennsylvania. They provide North American companies with new options for serving coffee and beverages accompanied by excellent customer service and quality products. Newtech is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Wilbur Curtis products and the largest independent North American Distributor of Zojirushi products.

Why a new website?

While they did have a large product listing; the previous site was fairly old and did not allow for in-depth product details like linking to videos and brochures.

Were there any special client requirements?

Newtech is a very service-driven company so they wanted their clients to be able to contact them easily with product quotes and questions.

About the Project

Newtech Beverage Systems Ltd. specifically wanted a brushed metal and chrome look to their site to reflect the products. Wavy lines imply curving products and splashing coffee. This website features lots of lazy-loading movement—for instance, round photos on the about us page roll in as you scroll down the page.

Our team added newer photos, easy-to-see product overviews, specifications, and detailed features to Newtech’s line of beverage products. By adding information, the website delivered better search results, and Newtech’s products are more likely to appear on external search engines.

Clients can browse the site looking at items and easily compare them, then, at a click of a button, ask for more product information or get a quote.

Custom Features

  • A full quote cart system
  • Searchable parts that are connected to related products
  • Mega menus
  • Better search functionality