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Octaform Systems Inc.

Who is Octaform Systems Inc.?

Octaform is a novel alternative to conventional wall construction. Designed in Canada, the innovation is a stay-in-place concrete wall forming system that reduces energy consumption and extends the life of high-performance concrete structures.

Why a new website?

The previous website was more than five years old and had outdated product information.

Were there any special client requirements?

  • The client would supply brand guidelines for design style (clean, modern) and we need to come up with the website design.
  • There would be an extensive knowledge library with tech papers, videos, etc. and it needed to be easy to update.
  • The website would require a custom project gallery.
  • There would be many installer & distributor sections & forms all of which needed to be easy to update and maintain.
  • It was essential to highlight the benefits of the products to specific industries.

About the Project

The client had a recent clean modern rebrand. A great deal of time was spent developing a very minimal look and making the website easy to navigate.  Clean, graphic black and white images were used to keep the bold clean look.