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ProActive Hazmat & Environmental Ltd.

Who is ProActive Hazmat & Environmental Ltd.?

Proactive Hazmat is a full-service hazardous materials abatement contractor based in Langley BC.

Why a new website?

The previous website was outdated and no longer represented their core business. The website was focused on homeowners while the majority of ProActive Hazmat’s work involves commercial and institutional projects.

Were there any special client requirements?

The website includes a simple staff portal for all their company policy documentation, company newsletters and other internal updates.

About the Project

ProActive Hazmat needed a website to educate commercial property owners,  healthcare facility managers, municipal government and school boards on the risks associated with asbestos, vermiculite and mold exposure. The website highlights ProActive Hazmat’s services of safely containing, removing and disposing of these hazardous materials. Since one of their primary functions is infection control barriers and holdings, ProActive Hazmat suddenly found that service in desperate need due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Quickly directing users to their infection control services became even more critical. This website is graphic and maintains ProActive’s striped green and black brand. Stock and client-supplied photos of clean airy images implying the types of industries they work in were used with bright green elements to highlight ProActive Hazmat’s services.