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QRS Calibrations, Inc.

Who is QRS Calibrations, Inc.?
QRS Calibrations, Inc. distributes and services equipment for the US medical industry from their base in Moreno Valley, California.
Were there any custom website features?
Searchable Product Database, Mega Drop-down Menus, Interactive Territory Map
About the project

A responsive website for a medical equipment reseller and calibrations company from Greater Los Angeles, California.

A bright, modern web design, paired with high-quality images and clear text, shows potential clients that QRS is a leader in the medical equipment industry. Interesting elements of the website design include ‘mega’ drop-down menus, interactive territory map and an extensive products area that is easy to update.

Honeycomb Creative has been great to work with. They are very responsive and actually make recommendations to save money. We had a prior experience with another company that ended poorly after 8 months with no website. Honeycomb Creative was round two and we thank Datrend Systems for the referral!

Karie H., CEO, QRS Calibrations, Inc.Fort Worth, Texas
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