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Skills For Hope Foundation

Who is Skills For Hope Foundation?

Skills For Hope Foundation is a charitable foundation based in Vancouver, providing free Educational, Literacy and English language skills development opportunities for people in need, in Canada and around the world.

About the Project

Time was taken to ensure the content of the site was easy to find and understand. The steps of applying for scholarships are clearly laid out and the mandate of the organization is clear to those visiting. The website design is bright and whimsical, bringing in fonts reflective of University diplomas and images like notebook doodles. The banner image on the pages looks like a big smile — just like the smiles on the faces of the scholarship recipients.

We were pleased with Honeycomb’s timely and helpful responses and willingness to make relevant changes as per our requests. Honeycomb Creative’s services, personnel and expertise were great! Overall it was a smooth process. Thank you to all the team!

Kay T.
Director and Co-Founder
Skills For Hope Foundation
West Vancouver, BC