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Senwi Services Inc.

Who is Senwi Services Inc.?

Senwi Services Inc. is a trusted and knowledgeable house inspection firm.

Why a new website?

The website published in 2014 needed to be updated to run on current, more secure servers.

Were there any special client requirements?

Video Feeds, YouTube Channel, RSS Feed

About the Project

The Enclosure is a two-storey plus basement single-family dwelling being constructed in Pemberton Heights, BC, by SENWiEco Designs. They are documenting the build for the purposes of studying high-performance building assemblies needed by BC’s construction community. This website is a redesign providing responsive programming and updating the structure of the website to bring more topical information to the forefront. The video feed is set up in a more functional, user-friendly way. We liked the blocky structural/architectural feel of the older website and tried to keep that essence.