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VanMars Drilling Ltd.

Who is VanMars Drilling Ltd.?

The VanMars Drilling provides environmental and geotechnical drilling to clients from its office in Abbotsford BC.  Vanmars provides soil sampling, core samples, well installations, and decommissioning services, tailings storage feasibility, pipeline alignment investigations, road network evaluations, and construction/foundation design for buildings for clients throughout British Columbia.

Why a new website?

Vanmars updated their identity and needed a website that better communicated the size of the company and the scope of their services.

Were there any special client requirements?

Detailed equipment specifications pages and job order form help their clients quickly book equipment. This project includes a gallery of their Instagram posts. Bringing in content from their frequently updated Instagram feed keeps the content on their website fresh, improving search engine rankings.

About the Project

This Website uses dynamic angles, bold colours, and illustrations. This site pushes the boundaries of the typical blocky front-end programming. The scalable angles are a complicated feature that had our developer busting out his Pythagorean math.


Great design team. After 4 attempts with other companies to get the right website, Honeycomb got it done.

Ross H.
VanMars Drilling Ltd.