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Vitrum Industries Ltd.

Who is Vitrum Industries Ltd.?
Vitrum is a premier glass fabricator located in Langley, BC, who produces custom designer glass installations.
Were there any custom website features?
Searchable Project Database, Performance Data Selector, Design Tools Patterned/Colored Glass Simulator
About the project

We developed a powerful, custom website application for Vitrum Glass Group’s current website. We created a searchable product database for all of Vitrum’s glass products, and then created a user-friendly interface for customers to easily search based on the product’s performance data.

Users can simply adjust sliders to set the search parameters for each category, and the search results quickly load in a table format below the sliders, showing product specs for easy comparison. This custom website function is both powerful and easy-to-use.

We also added search functionality to Vitrum’s portfolio, so users can find projects based on glass type, project type, location and more.

We added a new Glass University section for customer education and finally, we gave the old site a new “skin” with an updated colour scheme and a few visual improvements supplied by Vitrum.

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